Checkup on Fiery Crags + Poll

First off, how is Fiery Crags doing? I realize I’ve been gone for the past few months, so I just want to make sure the map is balanced and at least playable. Be completely honest- and I give permission to any moderator to apply any changes mentioned here to the map. Obviously, I’m trapped to the internet, so I can’t exactly do so.

Also, when I get back, I’ll be beginning construction of a Hollow Knight themed map, but first I want to know what your guys’ ideas and opinions are. Choose any five from the list that you would like to see in the map in the form of a playable class + area. For example, if Pale King is in the most wanted, I’ll make a White Palace room and a Pale King class in it.
If I miss anything, I apologize. This is vanilla bosses only listed, though I’m fine with adding modded ones.

  • The Knight (player)
  • Pale King
  • False Knight
  • Hornet
  • Broken Vessel
  • Dung Defender
  • Soul Tyrant
  • Markoth
  • Mantis Lords
  • Hollow Knight
  • Radiance
  • Zote the Charming Valiant Handsome Glorious Elegant Strong Swift Intelligent Passionate Great (hehe)

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Id say instead of the Soul Tyrant, have the Soul Master, as he is more relevant
Soul Master for Mage class

Have Herrah/something else as the Summoner class, because of Weaversong and junk

For melee, have either Nail Sage sly or the Hollow Knight. please dont use the knight as it seems like the knight doesnt use just one

for RANGER, name it Radical Pale King, and have it use GUNS (this is a reference to the hk guns mod)A Hollow Knight SPEEDRUN but you have a GUN - YouTube
this map will be amazing!


im not trying to aim for separate classes, i just want to replicate bosses in terraria lol

eg, Pale King would use modified traps that fire projectiles to deal damage.
Radiance would use primarily mage
Hollow Knight would use a bit of mage but mainly melee
The Knight would use melee and mage (sadly without descending dark or abyssal shriek)
Herrah would use ONLY sentries and minions, no whips, etc