Cheaper hp Upgrade

I some maps, there is hp chests that cost like around 5 hp for 9k points, I cant understand why its so expensive and nobody listens to you when your trying to do shaman. Can you probably lower the price of some hp chests because they seem to be too expensive. Id think 20 hp for 3k would be a better price for most maps.

HP prices are part of a map’s challenge, which is to be fine - tuned to a mapmaker’s preferences. If they wish to have a challenging map, it’s up to them.

As for nobody listening when attempting to use Shaman, well, that can’t be helped much. The only suggestion I can give if you think prices are too much is to not run an ability at all.

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That is kind of extremely broken for maps with multipliers.


ah ok thank you :smiley:

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HP/MP prices are controlled on a per-map level. If a map’s HP/MP is too expensive, or you want other changes to a map, create a suggestion in the same category but mention the map

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