Chat Rules

WARNING! - This thread and it’s contents are not in effect anymore!

I thought I would make a thread to give some information as well as clear up some things.


This is not a thread about the rules. But I was thinking that there might be a problem around the rules of spamming, using caps and swearing in-game. This is about what to do in what situation.

Warn when:

  • Someone uses caps more than once consecutively or repetitively. ~ Using caps once is fine.

  • Someone says something that is not apart of any language (such as asnodasobdoa) more than once, consecutively or repetitively.

  • Someone uses profanity/foul language in chat against a person, group or place. ~ They can swear as long as it is not aimed at anyone or repeated as so to be counted as spam.

  • You suspect someone may release information that is considered advertising of another server/thing that is not apart of Dark Gaming.

Mute when:

  • Someone spams the chat with over 1 message (Your decision as to how many, unless it gets out of hand). ~ Mute for 30 minutes with the optional reason of (Muted:30m;


  • Someone uses racism more than once. ~ Mute for at least 30 seconds with the reason of (Muted:60m; Racism is strictly not allowed here)

  • Someone breaks an above “Mute When” rule more than once. ~ Mute for at least 10 minutes with the reason of (Muted:10m;
    Breaking the same rule x times)

Kick when:

  • Someone uses an inappropriate name (such as HAraaaTOTOT/;’:wink: which cannot be properly referred to. ~ If someone has something like profanity or foul language in their name, also warn ME (Rofl) about it, so I can add it to the rename player plugin.

Ban When: ~ Ban IP unless you specifically need to ban just the name ~

  • Someone has advertised more than once or has advertised in a way where they have no intention of coming back

  • Someone has spammed to no end, becoming a nuisance if left unattended ~ This rule includes any form of spam, such as spamming racism

  • Someone releases an IP or Domain relating to advertising of another server. E.g. : won’t count.
    PLEASE NOTE - These rules may change in the future and all staff will be warned if so. Reply below or message me if you have anything to add/change.

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the N-word needs added

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That includes it.

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to the name blocker plugin

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its already there as of before 1.2

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I’d like to bump this thread as it informed me of some things that I wasn’t aware of; in particular, the first and fourth reasons to warn. I thought that caps just one time was to be given a warning, and I have been told not to warn people as they weren’t advertising their server, though they were saying things like ‘who wants to come to my server,’ which I think is reason enough to ‘suspect’ them of advertising one.


Also, this:

I didn’t know that names such as that, which are hard to refer to, were not allowed.

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