Chat filter for site, Urgent.

Hello dear players of dark-gaming. This will probably not be my last in the line of formal addresses to pop and the community on specific problems presented both here and in the game BUT I do prey they get less severe. Bear with me, I wont take much time. (Using visual media to help keep peoples attention focused, and the whole fact I act-talk- and most likely AM miles edgeworth. And of course Kaiketsu Zorori but that’s a story for another time.)

It has come to my attention that swearing, even in minimalistic terms , Has been used on site. I push for a chat filter prohibiting any sort of vulgar or otherwise derogatory term on site. Not only would it benefit us as a community but to be honest when has throwing off F-Bombs ever solved anything? Its only a sentence flavor particle used to emphasize.

Not only that I seem to have witnessed a family ordeal with renald and his account. His sibling has gotten on his account several times and not only swore but harassed SEVERAL members ; One of the most prominent being dragon. Now I don’t like casting judgment or rather dialogue of this nature for no reason so allow me to shed some more light. I don’t exactly BELIEVE renald is having this problem but I cant say I have any rock solid proof it isn’t real. So im giving him the benefit of the doubt ; Just add a filter and I’m sure his “ordeal” will smooth itself over, You could always make him change his password to something more difficult but then again, Not my place to say so.

So I leave it to the community as a combined body of delegation, Should we push for a chat filter? Would it help? It’s all up to you guys to support this.

And so, this concludes my statements and request’s. Thank you for whom ever reads this and I encourage as much feedback as possible. Try with the utmost courtesy to not derail the thread.

I agree with Haz here. Danny/Renaldguy’s family problems are making people mad and it’s going overboard. I have witnessed a lot of these “accoiunt takeovers” and they are getting worse… Chat filter sounds great here.

i have seen this aswell and it will stop people being generally rude. plus f-bombs sometime shut people up.

I completely agree also, but I assumed that “Darrin” was done with messing on his account. Not only for Darrin, but I think we should have a filter also. Great thread Hazama.

I believe Danny and I have fixed the problem of Darrin getting on the site. He now has a password set on his computer, which we both hope works.

Still, I don’t like the idea of this happening. I could point out it most likely WILL happen again due to it already happening hence forth, patternization and what not. I don’t think a password solves anything ; A widget or function to prohibit specific words will lessen the blow if this ever happened again, And as for profanity getting people to shut up? Flame…No offense but…what kind of backwards society do you think we are? It makes people angry most of the time. Which is reason enough it serves NO PURPOSE here, please realize that.

I also suggest looking at it this way ; If we have a chatbox filter we can rule out any “rude” players and also censor any sort of soliciting on site (“Come play at my server lololol!”). It might even limit fighting in the chatbox to an absolute zero which I know most if not everyone would be pleased with said result.

Ok… Chat Filter. What would it catch and what would it change it to?

Oh that’s an easy one, simply censor it with asterisks ; *.
It might not be the most advanced set of censorship but it gets the point across, Now for what would it catch? Keywords such as ;

(Cusswords are self implied, any and all of them of course) “My server” “Play my” “F you” “Go to hll” “ugly” “fat” “loser” “bish” and so forth, I think if you needed an entire list I could colaberate with some one to construct it. Mostly catching solicitational words , Bullying and degrading words, and overall foul language.

I do have a way you can submit it with correct syntax. That way I can just plug it in when you’re done.
$search = array(
“/Join my server at (.*?) plz/i”,

$replace = array(
“[Attempted Advertising]”,

It’s all part of preg_replace if you need help. it would go into preg_replace($search, $replace, $input);

Understood, Thank you ; When I have enough time ill compile a list of sentaxed phrases, words, etc and them submit them accordingly.