Character Naming system thingy-majingy

I’ve noticed that over the past few months that players have been coming to the server with vulgar, sometimes racist names. I’ve seen names come and go such as ilikedick PU55YD3SRTOY3R, pu55y5l4yerG9, pussy mode, Dick Chocolate and so forth.
How about we do something about it ? I’ve come to the conclusion that names such as those should be kicked, and not allowed into the server until they have a non-insulting name.

I know this thread sounds like a stupid and really petty suggestion, but why not do something about it ?

Your retarded member,

Dick Choc xD yea, we need to do somethin about this.

Oh, and Allen Walker sometimes selfnameing to “u mum virgin B)” xD

Anyone with an inappropriate name is kicked on sight. Unfortunately, I’m mainly on the /PvP server, and so don’t see join/leave messages. If someone could point them out to me, that would be great.

There’s currently a system in place that stops people from joining with certain vulgar terms within their name.