Character items are replaced with Zombies classes

  • I’m playing on PC.
  • This has happened to me twice while playing zombies gamemodes. It rarely happen & quite unpredictable.

The first time it happened was around 3 weeks ago, I lost everything including my hp reset back to 100, it kept the items/equipment from Zombies lobby, I was playing on Cryptic castle as summoner class, then exit using “save & exit”, when I rejoin the Dark Gaming server, my character does not return to normal. All of my stuffs from Safe, Piggy bank, Void vault, & Defender’s forge were gone.

The second time it happened is just now (Saturday, 30 January 2021), I was in Bewitched map, I do /rift to exit the lobby, but it keeps the items & equipment from the Zombies lobby I played (as Demon tamer class). Now all my stuffs including those saved in the Safe & Defender’s forge are gone, except in the Piggy bank & Void vault.

This was my character normally:
Screenshot 2021-01-30 191332

This is how my character is saved as now:

Screenshot 2021-01-30 182142

All of my items are gone:

I tried rejoining the same zombie map (Bewitched) and chose the exact same class but it doesn’t work.


The bug itself can’t be prevented, but you can avoid it by using either /leave or /rift. It has something to do with how Terraria works


Maybe there’s two bugs here? I know at least that other servers have had issues where people keep their stuff sometimes when they leave (save & exit).


Yes, I did the /rift from my previous experience with this bug but I still lose my items.


Might be 2 different bugs.

This one happened if I exit by “Save & Exit” sometimes, not every time I did that, It does happen to my friend, she usually do “Save & Exit” but only once lost her items.
Maybe because the server saved during that?

This just recently happened using /rift, Maybe because the server does not load properly for me as it still keep my max hp & mana including some items in my personal storage (Piggy bank & Void vault), the only things I noticed “missing” in my Piggy Bank was all the large gems.