Changing your password

Its becoming apparent that accounts are being hacked (or so people say they are.) I think that an option needs to be added where you can change your password, both on-site and in-game, just to prevent this from getting out of control.

Also, sorry for misspelling password ._.

You can change your password on the website, I think you got to login then forgot password. It well send you an email, Then all you need to do is confirm you requested a password change and click the link in your email and change the password

To change your password in-game, type /password , without the <>.

This feature is available on TShock by default without the need of any plugin, and should be available for everyone.

Unfortunately I haven’t quite got round to the registration page with that email stuff yet so no password resetting on the site. I promise by the end of this summer that it will be fixed.