Change the Zombies Lobby voting system

I think it was a very good idea to let people know how to vote. However, putting people who dont vote in for random maps screws up the system. If they did not vote they should not be placed down fora random map

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An alternative would be to slightly increase the weight of voting with /vote over that of not doing so. In the old system, whatever was voted would 100% be the next map, and I can see why that was changed. However, with the new system, voting basically doesn’t matter, it has next to no impact and the more players you have, the less significant your votes get. At this point, using /vote is barely worth it at all, and a player who isn’t aware of the random-vote system might even assume /vote is bugged or has no effect with how often it fails in the average lobby with 4-6 non-voters.

Furthermore, maps are currently being produced quite rapidly, leading to even lower chances of a random vote landing on the map you voted for; in fact, I believe just over 30 maps currently exist, for an abysmally low vote chance per random who doesn’t use the command. Your attempts at escaping the inevitable 30th Cryptic run are basically futile. (but no seriously why does it appear so often)

I believe giving votes placed via /vote additional weight (something like 1.5-2?) could be an effective compromise between the old system, where /vote was overpowered, and the new system, where /vote is all but worthless. It would still allow for random maps to be picked, and quite often too, but it would give a bit of additional leverage to the few who actually make use of the command.

tl;dr - with the average players per lobby and current map count so high, the chance that your /vote gets picked is abysmally low, let’s compromise between the old and new systems by giving additional weight to /vote while keeping the random votes for non-users


exactly. hate all the cryptic lobbies AHH


I think if they know to vote and dont vote. A vote should be 100% unless someone else votes too


I had a draft like this. imo, it’s better to bring everyone on the same page before we progress

Here’s a quick summary of how the voting system works

Old Voting System

The old voting system – the one introduced around 19th of May 2019 – remained the same till version 1.27.5 or 21st of November 2021(when v2.0.0 was introduced)

It worked like so: people vote, then a random vote is picked. Whichever map that vote was is the map that is played. In other words, it was never majority wins

Post-v2.0.0 Voting System

v2.0.0 didn’t completely overhaul the voting system, instead, it made one tiny change, which is having empty votes alongside normal votes. Whenever an empty vote is picked, a random map is picked. In other words, instead of having an empty ballot box to start with, the ballot box is always filled with N ballots where N is the number of players. If you vote, you change the reserved ballot that was already in there

In short, v2.0.0 only made a tiny change to the existing system

Why it was changed

The main reason v2.0.0 changed it is because people who were actively voting were controlling which map is played. I’m not sure of other reasons but @popstarfreas can clarify more on this

In case of confusion, I want to clarify that the system is not going against majority vote wins, it’s going against active voters winning

This subtly undoes the goal of the change mentioned

Not entirely, the more players vote for a map, the more likely it will be picked. But again, a 70% chance for Cryptic is not a 100% guarantee, there’s still the 30% chance that a random map will be picked over it

Additionally, this statement is paradoxical: if you want votes in a 12-player lobby to be as significant as a 2-player lobby, then everyone’s votes has the same power and it all cancels out

This is definitely a problem, and was a main focus of my draft(can’t seem to find it now though), but I believe this is unrelated to the suggestion at hand


So uh no disrespect but uh. IF they dont vote and they know how. It should be majority vote. Not people who dont vote winning. People dont like the new voting system, i have asked people. Teaching them how to vote is clearly enough. IF they dotn vote then the ones that do vote should get the map. The ones that do vote dont control everything. Because others can vote for themselves. The best thing you guys did is letting people know HOW to vote


Promoting this suggestion and getting many upvotes is a great way to change that


Issue is, with the old system there was next to no map variation. The “Cryptic-pocalypse” began because without random votes from others, the usual 1-2 Cryptic voters per lobby would almost always get through. And oddly enough, teaching people to vote doesn’t seem to be enough—in the new system, I see only around half as many /vote users as before, which is the main reason I made that point in my prior message about people thinking /vote didn’t work / didn’t matter / was bugged.

While I think the new system gives too little power to /vote users, the old system definitely gave too much, so I suggested the compromise. I see my points were pretty hit-or-miss, but I retain my stance on the topic nonetheless.

Thank you for your clarification on the old system (I definitely assumed it was majority wins, probably because two people rarely ended up voting on the same map and losing) and I completely agree—it does. Only partially, however, which is my goal: a compromise between the active voters being nigh-unstoppable (zero map variation) and nearly useless (perhaps too much map variation, if that can be considered a thing).