Change the name of your controls

Skip to Second Paragraph for actual content, this is also for Windows only, as I don’t have Terraria on the Mac.

Hey, I doubt you will care, but I was going through my good ol’ key bindings, when I remembered how much I hated how I can’t change the name of my controls. I remembered the good days of 1.3 where you could go through the settings and change the border of your mouse to white. So I went through my documents of Terraria until I found a json file to where you can look at the name of your keybindings.

Anywho, here is how to do it.

Go to your Documents inside your file system, click on the My Games Folder. From there, click on “Terraria”, which you can than proceed to click on the User/Insert Profiles json file. Do not click at the custom sign at the top this means you have Custom already selected. Instead, scroll all the way to the bottom, like, far past line 46, until you see the “Custom” tag, you can than select it and change it to whatever the crap you want. I changed mine to “Golden’s pick” for obvious reasons.

Watch it be that everyone already knew this and starts calling me stupid.

I’ll have to do this in the morning.
Thanks for sharing!