Change server VPN filter

Due to the nature of the current server VPN filter, I and many others are being blacklisted repeatedly at random for seemingly no reason. Because of how tedious, time-consuming and annoying the process if of having to appeal via the blacklisted IP redirect every single time this happens, I have decided to suggest changing the VPN filter, or possibly abolishing it.

I understand the purpose of the filter is to prevent ban evasion from happening, but it’s costing issues for many casual members who attempt to join the server, and it is not something I want to have to deal with given this issue has happened to me around 4 or 5 times at this point.


Usually you only need to make a request once, then so long as you’re playing the game on the same device, it will not trigger again.

However, due to migrating services, it doesn’t currently remember any new requests after a few days. Merely a bug that will be fixed soon.


This issue should be resolved now.