Change mob cap punishment

So -r got fixed. In very strange way. So what am i suggesting is instead of just killing people it:

  • doesn’t not spawn new mobs if newly spawned mobs will get killed by mob cap
  • doesn’t let revive anyone
  • damages player per second
    Damage per second (dealt to player) - y; seconds after mob cap reached - x
    y=5x when 0<x<7
    y=x²-2x when 7<x

For hardcore, it just takes lives by same formula as above but divided by 10


… its for rapid (-r) if someone didnt understand


tbh, this approach was preferred because it was the easiest the implement. The original approach was this:

However, in retrospect, it was rather questionable. The game is called rapid after all, so why should we allow mobs piling up to the point they don’t spawn?

All the other solutions suffer the same problem ^


Yea that was what i concluded after thinking about it as well, but yea it would be nice if it would at least give time after cap has been reached, and not instantly kill
There is about 10-15 seconss between when next wave spawns(nor round, wave in the round)


maybe a better one would be to do the ‘You need to kill more zombies, or you will be overrun in 20 seconds’ message. It gives a warning, it’s fair, it works, and it shouldn’t be too hard to implement.


oh what are the benefits of rapid anyway? curious cuz it doesnt seem to increase my dp by much


It already warns you if you’re above 150


ah, havent played rapid in a while sorry

yea just sometimes the mobs spawn faster than you can kill that is why i would love the time limit
one some maps, if you pick wrong weapons

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The mob cap punishment is still open to change, however, I am against the changes in this suggestion since they go against the very principle of rapid