Change Editing Limits for Trust Level 0 Users

As per usual, I was just observing the various topics on the forums progress, and then I saw this:

The forums are based on Discourse, which has 4 “trust levels”, outlined here. However, for several users, most of these are irrelevant because they only joined the forums to create a ban appeal. So what do trust levels have to do with ban appeals?

Key thing: Trust level 0 users cannot edit their own posts after 24 hours. This isn’t explicitly stated anywhere on the Forums, though, so if someone attempts to edit their ban link into their ban appeal (as shown in the example) but they aren’t of a high enough trust level to do so… well, they can’t edit the link in, or edit in anything at all. However, on that Discourse blog, just below the TL0 restrictions, I noticed this:

Therefore, shouldn’t some of the post editing restrictions be relaxed so that new users with an invalid ban appeal can fix it up instead of having to write a new one?

Its easy to update to next trust level before 3 so i see no sense


This is for recently banned users who are hoping to be unbanned. Since most of the time they make mistakes on their first day (or first appeal), they will likely not even reach Basic status until a bit later, due to the time requirement alone. I agree with this.


Yes, it is easy, the requirements aren’t set that high. But they don’t come around quickly either. One of the requirements for TL2 (which grants editing permissions on posts from up to 30 days ago) is that a user visits for at least 15 different days. Most of the other requirements can be fulfilled in this time (especially reading for 60 minutes), but that’s still 15 days minimum before meeting the requirements for Trust Level 2.


Good observation.

Looking at this makes me wonder why this isn’t mentioned more by ban appellants.


The author now has unlimited edits on the OP in #terraria-server:ban-appeals. Leaving this open in-case I missed something


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