Capture The Gem

I thought a thread should be posted for this due to the prizes I have said that I would offer.

Recently, I have been working on a Capture-The-Gem plugin, which is available to use by anyone [link]. Most recently, I have fixed a few issues that we had in the last game.

Features of the Capture-The-Gem plugin:

  • Before the match has started, all players (except CTG Admins) will be frozen
  • Matches can be paused (working on avoiding the drowning issue and what happens if you’re in mid air)
  • Prep-Phase Time Remaining is displayed in the top-right, under your life.
  • While Prep-Phase is in effect, players cannot cross the center, and any attempt to do so will teleport them backwards
  • When players pick up or drop a gem, a message is displayed
  • Death Messages have been customized, and their color reflects whether they were an Ally or Enemy.
  • Chat is now only sent to your Team, unless you use public chat “/p”
  • Teams can be locked

For testing new features, as well as for fun, I will be running a CTG Match every now and then. For those that want prizes, there are some available for the winners. I also warn you not to rage if you lose. Unlike normal PvP, losing CTG can cause players to get annoyed easily.

"Before the match has started, all players (Except CTG Admins ) will be frozen.
Does this mean that you are going to get a new type or section of staff members specifically for the CTG server?

No; that is part of the feature list of the plugin. It can be used on any server that wants to use it. CTG Admins are just people with the permission “ctg.admin”.