Can't login or register

When I try to register it says that I have another account but when I try to enter with that account it doesn’t let me

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How does it not let you? Does it say login failed? If it does and you’re using same character name, login with /login [pass]

If without the same character name, login with /login [account name] [pass]

It still says login failed, and if I try to register a new account it doesn’t let me.

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You should try logging in from Build, PvE or PvP. If it still says “Login Failed” in those dimensions, try asking an admin to reset your password.

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If you want to just access your account, just type on its own, no password /login


If I try to login with a character with a different name than my account it says login failed and if I use the name of my account it says you don’t have permission to use that command.
Also I don’t even want that account anymore but I’m unable to register with another account.

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@RepoioZhukulemtho , if you have the same character name as well as same ip, it auto loggs you in.
You were already logged in when you used the command, and it stops you from using it again by only allowing guests (Not logged in people) to use the command.