Cannot login

I’m new, i attempted to login but it says invalid password each time i log in… I’m using the password that I used to log in here, plz halp. thanks in advance.

Have you done /register in-game?
In-game accounts and forum accounts are separate. And if you’re trying to /register in-game with the name “Luca” it might’ve already been taken by another player, as it’s a somewhat common name. If it has been taken, just create a new character with a unique name, then /register and /login.

If you then wish to use the name ‘Luca’, you can join with that character and use /login “registered character’s name” “password”

It shows i am baned but why? reason dark?

Not really the place to put that.

What’s the ban reason?
And what it your in-game name?

It fixed thanks and yea my acc name is Kappala maybe its some kind of a troll