Building Competition

                                                                                 [b][u]BUILDING COMPETITION[/u][/b]
  I have been giving the permission to host this months event, the very first building competition! 

Competition Type: 1 vs all
Competition Host: Legoman/chenaley
Competition Maximum/Minimum participants: 2-15
Competition Start Date: July 25th- August 1st
Competition Join-Method: Post a reply to say if you are in
Competition Rules:

  • Must have only been one person that built said creation
  • Person who is not in the competition can not help(That includes advice)
  • Must be finished within said date
  • World edit is not allowed
  • Must comment coordinates when finished(With GPS)
  • Must start building in said date and end in said end date
    Round Type: Best Creation(In my opinion) wins
    Competition Rounds:
    One Round; 1 vs all

1st Place: Personalized [Prefix] and “BC Winner” (Suffix/Tag) along with “/buildmode”. Gets to be a judge in next competition.
2nd Place: “Head Builder” [Prefix] and “Da Best” (Suffix/Tag) along with “/buildmode”.
3rd Place: “Archeologist Pro” [Prefix] and “Hairy Chested” (Suffix/Tag) along with “/buildmode”.
4th Place: “Swaggy Builder” [Prefix] and a random item along with “/buildmode”.
5th Place: “Try Hard” (Suffix/Tag) and a random item along with “/buildmode”.
6th Place: “Careless” (Suffix/Tag) and a random item along with “/buildmode”.
7th Place: “Unworthy” (Suffix/Tag) and “/buildmode”.
8th Place: “Lazy” (Suffix/Tag) and “/buildmode”.
9th Place: Random item and “/buildmode”.
10th Place: Copper Coin and “/buildmode”.

Have fun and follow the rules!

I am in! I’m not going to miss this one! OMG BUILDING TOURNY!! YAYAY :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I love building! count me in! (btw does wiring give extra credit?!??!?!?!)

What the wiring does will. If I think it is cool it will :wink:

ill join

Count me in. Is entering with one of the older buildings allowed?

so said I won’t be in it Broke my Hand :{

Ill Join as well if possible, and my current rank wont affect my ability to join :P.

can i join? i abseloutly love building stuff and i havea talent at this kinda stuff count me in :smiley:

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Can i join i have an EPIC build that i love and i want to show it of in this competition and i am quite a good builder count me in :wink: :)))))

You have to build a creation during the said date. Yes you may join.
UPDATE: Max players is now 15 people.

I would definitely like to try count me in.

UPDATE: Pickles will be the second judge. Please do not try to trick us or kiss up to win. We will give 1st to the best build.

im confused, The Punisher, WUbbidy and i have all built a bunch of our projects and the other two are done does that mean we all ahve to restart our projects on the 25th??

Well it would be unfair to the others if a group of players got a head start. It’s about how fast you can build something good. Just start another creation.

[b]I am Done

Position: 7051 Feet East
Dept: 536 Feet Above[/b]

The Whole Building and everything Connected to it

alrighty then thanks fro actually replying lol

oh shoot i jsut realized, im gong camping on friday untill like sunday thats the 18th i beleive can i still participate in the building contest?

If it you come back before the required time, yes. And yes Raiku.

ok i have my builds already made lol

alright il be back on sunday then