Bugs, Errors, and Glitches

I have found a bug. Whenever you reply to a PM (Private Message), it ends up in a redirect loop. This may need fixed. Also sometimes when you reply to a topic, it will say “Click here to return to forum homepage” or something like that. This may need fixed.

“Click here to return to forum homepage” is your browsers fault. It means it hasn’t redirected you yet or failed to.

Whenever I go to the login page and I press “Click here to log out” it doesn’t log me out. Please
Fix this.

I am unable to delete my own posts on profile walls. Whenever I press Delete, it does nothing. This needs to be fixed please.

Alot of things dont work right now. Deäl with it.

Alot of things dont work right now. Deäl with it.


Randomly, a red box for alerts shows up and it says “Alerts (undefined)” and it does the same with inbox.

How random.

Hey, they finally got him and himself.

[quote=LikeASir]Randomly, a red box for alerts shows up and it says “Alerts (undefined)” and it does the same with inbox.[/quote] Does this issue still occur? It might have been using a cached version of the javascript.

Bug: Users Online gives you nothing if no members or staff are online and there are more than 1 guest online.

We got EpicBossMan, HiddenPirate, and DaPartayGuy.


We got those three people banned for breaking rules on either the forum, in-game, or both.

Also, whenever I post on anyone’s wall including my own, I have to delete “Write something…” and “Update your status.” This needs fixed. Also, at the top where the Home, Forum, DTP, and RThread is, it shows my picture, then my name below my picture, then the arrow below my name. That has never occurred before.

None of mentioned problems occur in my instance.

The name thing seems fixed.

Implying the others aren’t?

I’m not sure if this is where to post it, but recently ever since the page number update thingie my alerts show up, but when I click on them I go to the page and nothing is new.

Its when someone posts using “Submit”? instead of ctrl-enter? Its to do with it sending the thread id incorrectly which is not the new page system, I just thought the old way was not used anymore in my code.

Should be fixed now.

i’ve noticed that too donuts…and the delete post thing don’t work on walls(not even my own…)and my sister writes embarrassing stuff when she gets ahold of my computer and i can’t delete it! No examples of the stuff btw.

Yay! It’s fixed! Thanks Rofl, you’re awesome! :slight_smile: