Bug Fixes

I’ll be fixing what I know of that exists as bugs on the forum currently.

This is the current list, since 2 days ago some bugs have in-fact already been fixed that were well known, such as: A shout with more than 1 line would be un-viewable if it was the last shout because it was hidden by the Shoutbar.

Bug List:
[ul][li]JS redirects back to page-1 on post[/li]
[li]Editing redirects back to page-1 on submission[/li]
[li]Categories display some overlaps on pages[/li]
[li]Alert bubble shows last alert URL and not last unseen alert URL[/li]
[li]Cookie update is missing for when a user changes their picture[/li]
[li]Some queries are unnecessarily big (Optimized “Recent Posts (5)” queries already)[/li][/ul]

If you know of any, please post them to be fixed. This is not an additions thread, so please only things that are broken.

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New Fixes:
[li]Chat Module’s Users Online no longer counts Guests.[/li]
[li]There is now a non-auto-edit period of 5 seconds after a post is made. This stops the “double” messages inside posts[/li][li]Shoutbox and Chat have been changed slightly, to reduce amount of requests when the page is not in focus, as well as when there is no new messages[/li]
[li]Shoutbox now has the correct padding on Firefox so that the scrollbar does not affect the text and therefore causing it to go to a new line[/li]
[li]Using the Ctrl+Enter shortcut to post a reply no longer causes a draft to be saved even when the post is already made[/li][li]Lists can now exist properly[/li]
[li]The chat module now uses a minified javascript file for compression and speed[/li]

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