Buff Combat Wrench

[What is the actual item/mechanic/thing being targeted?]
Combat Wrench

[What would you like specifically changed about it?]
Increase Max Damage from 90 → 110

[Why do you feel that this change is needed?]
Wrench is really really worthless with such a low cap.
90 damage means that even with perfect play, Wrench is BARELY worth using over most other mid ranged options. Why put effort in to swap to Wrench for 90 damage, when I could just keep holding left click with Laser Rifle, dealing 70 damage a tick and putting myself under NO mechanical pressure.
I have heard many times people claim that Wrench is “free damage”, which is ABSOLUTELY not true.
Free damage implies 0 effort spent to get said damage, and 0 opportunity cost. Not only are neither of these true, but Wrench actively demands mastery of one of the main aspects of Terraria PvP, swapping. Yes, if you ARE a master of swapping, the opportunity cost is VERY minimal if you can hit your wrench shots, but this is the REWARD for mastering an important skill.
Do not make your arguments off of hypotheticals, make your argument off of real application of human being reflexes, speed, and capabilities.
More than 110 would be risky, and may lead the weapon to being meta.

[Anything else you would like to note]
Its base damage may need to be lowered? I was finding myself hitting 110 damage with wrench in relatively low melee damage kits when tested, but I cant tell if anyone I’ve tested against has decent defense or not.