Boss bag command

I’ve been playing Survival quite some time and one thing that always hurts seeing is when people get left behind due to missing a boss due to being killed when they are away, they lag out, or the infamous bag glitch which prevents the bag to be picked up due to anti-cheat doing something funny.

My suggestion is to add a /bag command.

For example, /bag eoc , will give the player the Eye of Cthulhu Tresure bag, under these conditions.

-Crew to prevent hackers from easily having access to any resource to easily kill the next boss.

-Boss has to have been killed once.

-Has not claimed it prior during the current cycle, cannot claim twice per run/cycle.

(example, if the player claimed it right after killing eoc and then tries to claim it again after world has regenerated it wouldn’t allow them to claim it twice during one cycle, the cycle must end in order to claim again next play through if the boss has been killed in the next cycle.)

-Has played more than 1hr (to simply prevent players from getting their friends to redeem the bag)

How to implement?

I am no coding expert but a way this can be implemented is using the same method /worldinfo boss works on how it checks which boss has been killed by removing it from the list.

Which then it would use that data to check if a player is allowed to claim a bag for each boss.

and for wof just check if the world is in hardmode or not.

-Players can get a second bag if they fought the boss, and bag didn’t bug out.
-Players may be less inclined to refight a boss for does with crew.

-Players that join late can catch up.
-Players that had their bag glitch due to anti cheat can get the command given one.
-Players that miss a boss don’t need to worry about being left too far behind.
-Overall happier players.

This suggestion may sound a bit “Op” to the survival dynamic, but ever since the addition the boss timers there has been much less farming of bosses due to taking longer and requiring more geared up players, which yes it would require people to fight bosses less but some play during hours were there is on avg 8-10 players which half joined late or are not geared up, and the other half farming. which would help does players more than the higher end of spectrum of players, it would be more like a bonus for fighting the boss the first time in the cycle by being able to redeem the bag or be unfortunate that you couldn’t pick up the bag and then be saved by the /bag command.

I think you had a typo here


Sounds broken but it sucks when you lose a bag esspecialy when its a boss that takes forever like moon lord. Double loot bags from things like the golem which is farmed for money could makes this very op


its not double loot bags its only once per run when the boss is killed, not every time the boss is killed.


I feel that this is likely only going to be used by players to “refresh” their bag loot when they get drops they don’t like, especially when the limit imposed is seemingly one bag per boss.

If players join late they shouldn’t be given a free bag to catch up. Since this is a command that’d only apply to crew, that is simply unfair.

This is the same as above. Nice gesture perhaps, but still only applies to crew members. Being late due to a timezone difference isn’t a bug. If that’s the case for you, other players should be able to catch you up. Whether or not they’re willing to is an entirely different problem.

I’d say that’s the primary reason boss timers were added to begin with. Suggesting for the timers to be nerfed/removed entirely probably has a better chance at happening than a boss bag command does, since the latter takes away a core component of gameplay- to kill bosses for loot.


Aren’t the boss timers there so people don’t rush?