Blocks don't always come back!

Well y’see blocks don’t always come back when broken. Too many people have been accused of grieving when they “Didn’t know the blocks broke” or “I thought the block would come back” Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but they don’t come back sometimes! People don’t understand that sometimes and thus go around grieving without noticing! That is really bad and I want to help put an end to it. Please agree with me on this cuz it is a very serious matter. Thank you

also i forgot to add even when they are protected they sometimes don’t come back

Since when was this found? Just asking.

well i’d known before but now that ppl r getting banned for it i decided to warn everyone

Basically, not EVERYTHING is protected. This is a warning because if and when we found that you have broken something, and don’t fix it, you will be banned. This is all but a warning to those people.

well put. yes that is what i mean.

We also need a warning for the Wall of Flesh too, because sometimes people leave the WoF unattended. And if the WoF gets to the other side of the map, then everyone dies.

hmm. it says WOF has awoken don’t it?

Death is fun.
But yes, if you look at the chat, all bosses will give you a pre-emptive warning stating:

[Boss Name] has Awoken.

haha “death is fun” LOL i agree tho. i am often doing /suicide xD

we are getting off-topic. blox. break. when. hit.