Block the following words in a similar fashion like the spam and caps filter blocks

The words are (2nd or 3rd letter censored):

  • a*al
  • a*shole
  • b*tch
  • b*tch%ss
  • b*owjob
  • b*ob
  • c*ink
  • c*itoris
  • c*m (only on its own)
  • c*nt (u is censored)
  • c*ck
  • d*ck
  • d*ckhead
  • e*acul%te
  • f*ggot
  • h*ntai
  • h*tler
  • j*ck%ss
  • kkk
  • k*nk
  • kys
  • m*sturbate (INFO: Do not block the name of the 50% power bait)
  • m*ron
  • m*therf%cker
  • n*zi
  • p*rn
  • p*nis
  • p*ssy
  • r*pe
  • r*tard
  • sc*m
  • s*men
  • s*x (DO NOT block sextant)
  • sh*thead
  • sl*t
  • sw*stika
  • t*t
  • tw*t
  • tr*nny
  • v*gina
  • w*nk
  • wh*re (O is censored here)
  • xxx

Also block their plural forms and similar

The warning message would be “Do not enter vulgar language”

The F and S words f-ck and sh%t are allowed if not used too often and not against others.

am i an idiot, or is it just word cant? if so, i am too lazy to add ’ to words

so i cant (sorry, can’t) enter word where

also dont forget about orichalcum and encumbering stone


If I enter all those words uncensored the system will probs ban me on the forums due to high profanity score even though I suggest a profanity filter next to the caps filter.


problem-alot of these swear words are in bigger non-swear words. ex- analogy, cocktail, titan, etc.

also some of these words arent really that bad, like moron.


only if they are enclosed in spaces: “Anal …” is blocked, “Analysis” is not