Big Russ's Lootbox Sale v1

Welcome! I am trying something completely new: Loot Box Sales. I’ve been saving up my loot boxes for quite a while, and have decided to try selling them to those interested. Since XP efficiency has changed, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain these boxes. Opening loot boxes is the best way to obtain new items (especially metals), and these are the highest tier loot box currently available, meaning you are more likely to obtain items of R5 rarity and higher. Ready to test your luck?

Sale Items:

Sale Guide:

Each loot box is priced at 0.05 Credits. Feel free to choose whichever box(es) you like when creating the trade. I will mark them off as they sell in my usual way.

There are 0 Loot Boxes remaining.

Please Read BEFORE trying to purchase:

  • YOU NEED TO BE HIGH ENOUGH LEVEL TO BE ABLE TO MAKE TRADES. If you do not see the “Trading” tab on DTP, you cannot trade and therefore cannot purchase anything from me (until you become high enough level). (This may be outdated information, I do not know if all players can trade now or not, but I am still going to mention it in the event that I am right.) The trading tab looks like this:

  • I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TRADING COST I am not 100% sure what it costs to make a trade right now, but if I was the one initiating the trade I would be losing some profit, which I am not willing to do. You must set up the trade after I have accepted your offer here, I repeat I am NOT going to pay for the trading cost.

  • THERE ARE NO RETURNS ON LOOT BOXES. Once the trade is accepted, the deal is final. Loot boxes strictly operate on chance. I am not at fault or responsible if you open your loot box(es) and are unhappy with the results. This is the risk you take when purchasing them. If for some reason a trade is bugged, I will open a topic in Bug Reports, and will handle it accordingly. If trades become inoperable while my sale is ongoing, I will discontinue this whole thing until they work. There should be no error on my end, as I will be double-checking every trade before accepting it on DTP. If it is my fault, I will cover the cost and make it right. Just wanted to say once again, NO RETURNS.

  • THE PRICES LISTED ARE FINAL. Each loot box costs 0.05 Credits, this is not negotiable. I really have no need for DP, I can get enough myself. This may change in the future, but for now I am only accepting credits.

  • DO NOT POST YOUR OWN TRADES HERE. I have set this up as my shop, and this process is somewhat time-consuming. I will not ban or warn anyone for doing so, but it would be quite rude to say the least. If anyone tries to sell anything here I will delete their post, no questions asked. Please make your own topic post if you wish to do what I am.

  • DO NOT POST OFF-TOPIC DISCUSSION HERE. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in a new reply. Otherwise, please keep the discussion on topic. I will delete any responses that violate this sale term, no questions asked.

When you create a trade, you acknowledge having read all of my sale terms, and agree to them. CREATING A TRADE BINDS YOU TO THIS AGREEMENT.

Feel free to post your looted items here, I am quite curious to see what everyone gets.


Hello hello! I’d like to buy four loot boxes for 0.20 Credits, if possible. Where can I find your trade ID?


Type this in the trade bar:


That should work.


Hmm… I’ve clicked it a few times, but no dice. Also tried clearing out my cache, but no luck. I click the Initiate button, but either nothing happens or I’m booted back to the Inventory screen. RIP


I’ll buy two, I’ll send the trade over


I accepted, feel free to post your looted items here if you get anything good.


I’d like to buy the remaining 6 for 0.3 cr, please


This sale is now officially closed, since I am out of loot boxes. Stay tuned for my next sale.


people bought lootboxes too quickly?