Big Russ's Item Auction v3: Permabuff CMD (Repeat)

Welcome back! I am once again offering /permabuff since it seems to be a sought-after command. Here is your second chance if you still want it from the last auction I held.

Auction Start: November 20th at 5:30 PM UTC
Auction End: November 23th at 3:00 AM UTC

Item of interest: R6 CMD, Permabuff

Minimum Starting Bid: 0.05 Credits

Auction v1 Permabuff

Overview: Due to it’s R6 rarity, this command can be quite difficult to obtain from lootboxes. Do not leave your odds up to this slim chance! This is a one time offer, claim it while you can.

Applications/Perks of using /permabuff:

  • Convenience: This is what I use it for. Once you get used to it, you will not want to live without it. You can simply enable buffs you regularly use, go on about your business, and not have to worry about reapplying them.

  • Cross-Dimensional Capabilities: These buffs you set with /permabuff will transfer from one dimension to another, given that the dimension enables permabuff to be in effect. Even if you enter a dimension this command is not enabled in (mainly survival), upon leaving your buffs will return.

  • Wide Selection of Buffs: There are not many buffs that do not work with the use of /permabuff. The exceptions to this are any variation of well fed (plenty satisfied and exquisitely stuffed too), any variation of the flasks (cursed flames, fire, etc.) and any variation of the luck potions. (This may not encompass all dysfunctional buffs, but those are ones I know for a fact do not work)

  • PvE, PvP, and Build Functionality: This simply means permabuff works in these dimensions.

(Note: Permabuff is to be used in accordance with the dimension rules outlining them. There are limitations in place to ensure no unfair advantage is allowed. Those that abuse it will be caught and dealt with accordingly.)

Auction Guide (Please read BEFORE making an official bid):

  • THIS AUCTION IS VALID FROM: November 20th at 5:30 PM UTC, to November 23th at 3:00 AM UTC. Please convert this time into your local time. Late bids will not be accepted, I will only acknowledge the last valid bid in this time slot.

  • ALL BIDS ARE TO BE PLACED HERE AND ONLY HERE. Do NOT send me a message in Discord, in-game, or anywhere else you are capable telling me to remember your bid, it will not be a valid bid. Additionally, I will not set any strict format for the bid, feel free to get creative if you so choose.

  • BIDS BELOW THE MINIMUM STARTING BID ARE AUTOMATICALLY INVALID. The starting bid is 0.05 Credits, this is not negotioable.

  • BIDS ARE TO BE DONE IN INCREMENTS OF 0.05 Credits. Please do not tell me your bid is 0.051 Credits, I do not want your additional 0.001. (Valid bids are 0.05, 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, etc. and 1, 1.05, 1.1, etc.) Additionally, do not place a bid lower than the previous one you see, this will be ignored. What I am getting at is please do not make a bid with the intention of it being to troll me.

  • BID ONLY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD. You are not allowed to make a bid higher than your current amount of Credits. If you have 1.00 Credits, this is your MAX amount you can bid. Your max bidding amount will likely be able to increase later since this auction lasts one week, and you will likely be voting daily. Use this to your advantage.

  • YOU NEED TO BE HIGH ENOUGH LEVEL TO BE ABLE TO MAKE TRADES. If you do not see the “Trading” tab on DTP, you cannot bid on this item UNTIL you become high enough level. (This may be outdated information, I do not know if all players can trade now or not, but I am still going to mention it in the event that I am right.) I will trust that you are capable of trading if you make an official bid. Please do not make me regret this. The trading tab looks like this for reference:

  • THERE ARE NO RETURNS ON THIS ITEM. Please be 100% certain that you want this item when you bid for it. Once I accept the final valid bid, and you send me the accepted trade amount, that is it. If anything unexpected comes up, I will cancel this bid until I am certain it can be held with success. Just wanted to say once again, NO RETURNS.

  • DO NOT POST ANYTHING OFF TOPIC HERE. I have set this up as my shop, and this process is somewhat time-consuming. If anyone posts anything irrelevant I will delete their post, no questions asked. Please make your own topic post if you wish to do what I am.

When you create a bid, you acknowledge having read all of my auction terms, and agree to them. CREATING A BID BINDS YOU TO THIS AGREEMENT. Anyone in violation of my auction guidelines will be warned once, and banned from all my future sales/auctions upon the second violation. Please do not troll me, I say this again.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here.


0.1 credits


0.5 is my max and final bid


There’s ~2 days left to bid, get them in while you can.


Not a whole lot of time left, now is your chance to bid.


0.60 credits


@Big.Russ Is the auction over?

It’s past 3:00 for me I didn’t know if it was 3:00 for you or not.

(Sry for the ping btw)


3:00 AM UTC is 8:00 PM for me. This means that there are still 3.5 hours to bid. Did you convert 3:00 AM UTC to your timezone?


I have issues trying to do this so no I always convert from the wrong timezone every time I try because my area has a weird timezone


It’s basically CST but not quite


The auction is now officially over. @Solowing_Pixy has won, with a bid of 0.6 Credits. Feel free to send the trade when you are ready.


@Big.Russ Sry I fell asleep I was pretty tired.

I’ll go ahead and send it now


@Solowing_Pixy For some reason I cannot accept the trade. Every time I try, it reverts back to pending. Let me try and make the trade, I’ll send a little dp too since I have to cancel the trade you sent.


It’s alright


I just accepted it thx I hope you enjoy the credits :3


Thank you.