Big Russ’s Moderator Application

Q1 - What is your in-game account name?

My in-game account name is “Big Russ”.

Q2 - What is your timezone?

My time zone is MST (Mountain Standard Time).

Q3 - How often are you actively playing on the server?

I am pretty much active every day, though this does vary as I have things I must take care of outside Terraria too.

Q4 - Which dimension do you play on the most?

While I do cycle through playing most dimensions regularly, I have the most hours played in the Survival dimension.

Q5 - Have you read the rules?

Yes, I have read the rules, and understand why they are in effect too.

Q6 - What is your expectation of being in the role of Moderator?

My expectations of being in the Moderator role are:

  1. To first and foremost uphold the rules, and enforce them without bias.
  2. To give each player the benefit of the doubt, give proper and clear warnings as necessary, and handle each situation that arises with maturity.
  3. To go out of my way to help players in need of assistance, both in chat and in person if necessary. As some joining the server are first-timers, they may need help setting up a member account, crew, or simply finding an item or dimension.
  4. To follow the rules for Moderator commands, use them with common sense, and ask another fellow staff member for assistance with them when I am unsure.
  5. Lastly, to be active in the community. Whether it be in-game, Phase, Discord, or the Forum/DPT, to be there for assistance, be responsive in the community, and enjoy playing the game too while I am at it.

Q7 - What is the minimum number of months you expect to be in the role of Moderator?

The minimum number of months I expect to be in the Moderator role is six (6) months. I cannot say for certain any given length of time, as life does throw us curveballs, but I am positive that in the foreseeable future six months is the bare minimum I will be able to give, and will keep in touch giving updates as I find out more. (Six months is the minimum I can promise, though I do believe I will be able to uphold this position for much longer than that).

Q8 - Do you have any programming experience?

I unfortunately do not have any programming experience, the closest thing I have experience with is editing and troubleshooting simple .JSON files from when I played Starbound, and very limited knowledge of photo editing, both of which are probably not much help to you.

Q9 - Do you understand how to report players?

I understand how to report players as a member via Discord, giving information such as player name, dimension, sufficient evidence (usually screenshot or video), and a brief description of what has happened. I have limited experience using the forums to do this, though I do believe I can learn this quickly. As for reporting a player as a Staff Member, I am unsure how to do this, though I am confident I can learn the proper way quickly.

Q10 - Have you made any player reports before?

Yes, I have made multiple reports using the #player-reports channel via DG’s Discord, but as stated above I need to brush up on doing this via the forum.

Q11 - Are you in our Discord Server, if so what is your Discord NAME#ID?

Yes I am, my Discord NAME#ID is Big Russ#1614

Q12 - Do you want your application to be published to #moderator-applications?

Yes, right now. (Or as soon as is convenient to whoever is reviewing this.)

This part is not necessary but I do want to give thanks for being given the opportunity to make this application. Whether I am denied or accepted, I will honor the decision made, and do my best to be understanding as to what areas I need improvement. -Big Russ