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What is the best class? This has been argued for centuries (months) and has well divided the terrarian playerbase. Here on dark gaming, maybe we will look a little more into it, then discuss and come to a final conclusion.



One of the main things most classes depend on to be good is DPS. Damage Per Second has an impact on how fast bosses can be defeated, leaving out other stats.


It’s not always DPS that makes a class good. It’s the surroundings that the class has to deal with that makes it triumph over the others. A weapon can be good, but can also be total trash if it can’t attack a boss.


Another great thing to note is that speed is almost like key. It doesn’t matter aim or dps, but speed too to go in the mix. This determines how fast stuff can hit their target, and if they’re too slow they can be a trash class.

Zenith with good armor and weapons does over 45000 damage to a single target. Along with that, it has easy aim and speed, plus can go through walls, and with flask of ichor / betsy’s wrath, can deal over 70000 damage with right potion buffs, sharpened buff, and loadout. Also, this is without using the technique where you stand facing the opposite from the target while standing right next to it and use zenith then.

Last Prism
The Last Prism, with all the loadouts and buffs, except ichor and betsy, does up to a pathetic 8000 damage per second on a single target. However, the speed of this pretty much changes the dps to 15000, guess something wrong with stats. Expect this to go up with the defense reducing buffs. But it is also pretty hard to aim, as when the players moving the speed u can change direction is capped at a set rate. This is why the Last Prism is not a good weapon at all. (Ok um this seeems kinda weird, correct me if the last prism actually does the expected 23000 damage, think somethings wrong with my loadout or thing…)

The S.D.M.G. has a dps of 8000, but thats with luminite bullets. One of the things is that its pretty hard to aim when your moving around mindlessly. This is why there are chlorophyte bullets, as they can easily target, and are overall better than luminite. Pretty good class, but melee in my opinion is still in the lead.

(Unfortunately this does not work on dummies, so i had to test it on duke, which has high defense. Expect the dps to go way higher, especially with ichor and betsy.) The Terraprisma, one of the best summons and arguably the best summon due to its fast attack speed and fast speed + damage. It has about 5600 dps which is pretty pathetic with right loadout, but that can venture higher. Tell me if i’m stupid for not using SDS (Stardust dragon staff) instead of terraprisma. I personally think terraprisma is better.


While experimenting with different tricks, I found a way to easily cheese duke, empress, and basically any boss, in some cases even moon lord. Basically, the Celestial Starboard together with Soaring Insignia has a really high horizontal velocity, and this fast speed can easily outrun most bosses. But in master mode, bosses can be way too fast. To counter this, you go up with the starboard, allowing you to reach really high vertical velocity. For limited arenas, u go as high as you can, then start going horizontal again. Once duke catches up, fall down with the slimy saddle. This is an easy trick. This also clashes with how good classes are, as this actually makes aim and speed much more powerful. This ultimately makes ranged, melee, and summon better. However, mages are left out.

This is my opinion, and is up for debate.


Zenith pretty much cemented melee’s place as the “Best” class. I mean insane damage AND unlimited range?

Also i’d like to point out that stardust dragon would probably be better against bosses, amd terraprisma against anything else. d:

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lmao that was quick answer


This post is long.
TL;DR: summoner is the worst in terms of dps, mage has decent dps but has problems with mana, melee does the most dps in certain circumstances, and ranger consistently has high dps in virtually any situation
Notes: I edited the fuck out of this in the last 2 hours, because I tested all the classes right after I posted this in order to validate my purported claims. Also, the max dps values I post here are based off of stat bonuses from buffs including nebula damage boost, feral bite, and wet truffle.

Summoner does the least dps out of all the classes now, especially since they changed a summoning mechanic. Previously in 1.3, the damage modifier affecting a minion was determined by the accessories present when that particular minion is summoned; and as a result, if a minion was summoned with a summoning emblem and that emblem is removed, that minion would still retain the damage boost from that emblem. However, this was changed in 1.4, and now minion damage is dependent on the modifiers currently present at all times. This is very unfortunate, because from testing, summoning damage is quite lame, barely above a consistent 10k dps with a stardust dragon with the stardust guardian on different single hitbox targets (various bosses). Additionally, terriaprisma, although having one of the smartest minion ai in the game, does a lame amount of end game damage, doing less than 10k damage with the stardust guardian (a number also derived from numerous tests on different single hitbox bosses). Furthermore, the stardust dragon has a horrible ai and fails to consistently place its segments on nimble bosses, so terraprisma would probably be used in more circumstances. Again, the terraprisma has a lame dps, but atleast it requires no aim and actually has a smart enough ai that can consistently hit bosses over a decent range that extends off-screen. Summoner was the most troubling class to test. The target dummy has 0 defense, and the only way I could fairly test the dps of summoning weapons was on bosses with single targets with low defense. Note that the summoner class was not judged fairly compared to the others, neverthless, it was not a spectacular class.

Mage seems to be the same as always, similar to when it was in 1.3. It is still an annoying class to play, and sadly with the buffs to the lategame melee and ranger classes, mage seems to be worse off now. Mana sickness is a horrible debuff, dramatically decreasing damage output, and the only way to counter this is by avoiding the usage of mana potions in lieu of a constant source of mana stars. The most powerful magic weapon, the last prism, constantly drains an exorbitant amount of mana, demanding a constant heavy stream of mana. With this annoying difficulty, the last prism can get up to 26k dps on a single target dummy. The lunar flare also has similar problems to the last prism, although it does less damage on a single target dummy, doing 16k dps. Both the lunar flare and last prism are also not the easiest to aim. The former requires timing and has a limited on-screen range while the latter must be slowly tilted if you want to angle and aim the weapon at the boss. Anyway, the player usually must remain static to supply themselves with a constant source of mana stars, so when the player is actually mobile, they must use mana potions in order to supply their last prism. Doing this, the player only does a little under 15k dps with the last prism.

Melee has the most damage output, and on a single target dummy, the zenith can do just about 47k dps. As some of you may know from Mappy’s video, this depends on positioning relative to the target dummy. Depending on how you aim the zenith, you do a certain amount of damage. Moreover, positioned with your back facing the target dummy, you can do the the aforementioned 47k dps (although this is probably not practical in the setting of a real boss fight). In my own testing, there are numerous variables to consider while using the zenith (including the position of the mouse relative to the target dummy and the distance away from the target dummy), and the most amount of damage I could reach with a target dummy in front of me was about 30k dps. Mappy also showcased the Zenith’s infinite range, but this is only horizontal range. Furthermore, it requires the usage of numerous monitors. It would probably not be practical to apply the zenith’s infinite range in an actual boss fight practically. In a setting when the player is mobile, the zenith would probably just do over 10k dps and maybe 20k dps sometimes. Doing this, the zenith also only has a range which would be limited to the player’s own screen, but atleast the hitbox of the zenith is so large it requires little thought into aiming or timing.

Ranger probably is the way to go in terms of dps. It has a consistently high dps coupled with a large range and easy to aim projectiles. Like in 1.3, I still think the ranger class reigns supreme in terms of practical dps. The invisibility function of the vortex armor must be used of course in order to achieve max damage, and an already vulnerable ranger is forced to be crippled in terms of locomotion. However, the ranger class now has an available option that no other classes have. All the other classes which I have previously mentioned must utilize damage and crit affecting accessories in all seven accessory slots. However, doing this with the ranger, you actually have an extra free 7th slot for use if you try to maximize ranger damage (unless you utilize the phantasm, in which you would use a magic quiver or any other variant). That extra 7th slot opens up many new possibilities, and personally, I would use any form of wings, especially the new celestial starboard, in order to counter the crippling affects of the slowness induced by the invisibility function of the vortex armor. Anyway, the S.D.M.G. with luminite bullets does about 14k dps on a single target dummy, and it can do about 15k dps with crystal bullets on a single target dummy. The S.D.M.G. does require some aiming, however it has a great range that extends off-screen. Surprisingly, the phantasm is more effective than the S.D.M.G. with luminite arrows, doing about 20k dps on a single target dummy and having very good pierce. With luminite arrows, the phantasm also has a great off-screen range like the S.D.M.G., but the arrows do have a curved trajectory which does limit the range. Unlike the S.D.M.G., the phantasm with luminite arrows covers a large area of the screen, making it very easy to aim. Nevertheless, the extra 7th slot I have mentioned earlier would be used for a magical quiver, or any equivalent, in order to achieve this much damage. Despite this, even if the 7th free slot is not used for a magical quiver, the phantasm still does about 19k dps which is still a lot. The celebration mk2 is able to do over 20k dps on a single target, only held back by its somewhat limited range which barely goes offscreen (the rocket projectiles that are affected by gravity). Like the phantasm, the projectiles do atleast cover a large area of the screen, so it is easy to aim. One problem with the celebration mk2 is that the rocket it produces are very inconsistent. They have varying trajectories, and hit the target invariably. If you are farther away, the celebration mk2 may do under 10k dps, a pitiful dps, however, if you are close and every shot connects, up to 20k dps can be done.