This is a thread on BBCode.

BBCode : [notag][/notag]

BBCode: [notag]google[/notag]
Output: google

BBCode: [notag]bold[/notag]
Output: bold

BBCode: [notag]italic[/notag]
Output: italic

BBCode: [notag]strikethrough[/notag]
Output: strikethrough

BBCode: [notag]Red[/notag] or [notag]Light Gray[/notag]
Output: Red or Light Gray

BBCode: [notag][notag][/notag][notag][/notag][/notag]
Output: [notag][/notag]

BBCode: [notag][ul][/notag][notag][li][/notag]List Item[/li][notag][/ul][/notag]
Output: [ul][li]List Item[/li][/ul]

Quoting (Less relevant in future)
BBCode: [notag][quote=popstarfreas]I am the best[/quote][/notag]
Output: [quote=popstarfreas]I am the best[/quote]

BBCode can be combined.

BBCode: [notag][/notag][notag][/notag][notag][/notag][notag][/notag][notag]combination[/notag]
Output: combination

[notag]Like this[/notag] oh yay notag works

Uhmm popstarfreas u failed that combination

I updated it.

woah that link looks weird

what is this for?

Threads and Shoutbox

hehe i love BB code![quote=Donuts] i hate pink[/quote] another time she said:[quote=Donuts] i LOVE pink![/quote]

it worked!

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Red or Light Gray

Red or Light Gray

[b]now,now pop. u r not the best :stuck_out_tongue: I am![/b]



[b]I [/b][b]thought [/b][color=blue]I [/color][b]heard [/b][b]something[/b][color=blue].[/color]

[quote=popstarfreas] im da best[/quote] i say[quote=Dragonslayer] now,now pop. u r not the best :stuck_out_tongue: I am![/quote] lol

pop also posted u suk m8 somewheres…

really bad spelling :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah on Steamingpile/Cheeses wall

ya i found his spelling hillarious :smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue: haha

Oops :stuck_out_tongue:

Fail XD

Yeah, that was embarrassing. xD