Banning dev's amour

it has come to my consent that people with dev’s amour are not using a modded client, well some are but that amour and other dev items can be spawned it via /i or /item

they have become a problem and making friendships bad because those people will fight and not be friends any more because one would say hacks and one would say dev’s amour and they start fighting and drag other members of the Dark-gaming community into that fight.

Ok, no. The reason developer’s armour got unbanned in the first place is so that we would be able to catch people with modified clients with ease.
When a person that does not use a modified client puts on developer’s armour, an array of buffs gets inflicted onto said person so they cannot fully use the features of the armour. If one does not desire those buffs then one only has to get the developer’s patch.

I am sorry but when someone violates a rule, you cannot blame the rule for ruining your friendship.
Lastly, people who do have developer’s armour equipped are actually using a modified client.

so is there a way to use the developer aromr and not have a modified client? would that be ok

donuts that makes allot of sense

Yes, it just kills you and basically prevents movement.

i mean if I found a way to counter all of the debuffs could i use the armor? never mind just found out it was only vanity has no defense

There is no way to counter the debuffs.