Banned for greifing for no reason?

Q1] Provide the Ban link or number: 12 Greifing (I didnt do anything)
[Q2] Were you warned before being banned? No i just tryed to login to the server and i was randomly banned for greifing :frowning:
[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason. No becouse i didnt greif and i dont greif :’(
[Q4] Why should we unban you? I tryed to go on the server today and it said ‘You are banned from the server forever for greifing’ I didnt greif so if you will unban me i will be very happy. My ign is X_Fish_X I play on this server ALL the time and i have alot of hard earned stuff :frowning: I love this server it is the best ive seen.

How could you grief a person?

Griefing is ‘Destroying someones property’ And I hate greifing also… Also its imposible to greif in a server with House Protection anyways.

that’s why there is house protection

Fish, I believe you were banned for removing the spiky ball traps here:

ThePunisher banned you, so you’ll have to wait until he comes on to talk to you about your unban request. (He’ll also provide a before/after set of screenshots and ask a few questions.)

Keep in mind that while it is a relatively small number of blocks, they’re definitely not common ones. (And most people would assume that any lihzahrd trap placed outside of the temple is a player-placed block.)

Also, I’m certain you have earned every item you own, and you’re definitely never rude to anyone on the server.

Yup. You were banned for griefing those traps, while saying you “Didn’t do anything”.
Most of the houses are simply aren’t protected since that people have reached
their limitations of house defining / owning and for anti-griefing measures as at the server
its all hard-work-earned, especially finding that Temple, fighting the monsters inside, escaping the traps,
getting cells and getting the picksaw from the Golem fighting.
You did something for sure, the question is what,
do you share your game / Steam account / Terraria Server password with anyone?

Sometimes when i leave my PC one of my 2 brothers mess with my pc ‘Egzample’ my cat had surgery and i went to see her also i went for a minute after sitting with her then i came back and my Google Chrome was closed :stuck_out_tongue: (This happend like a hour ago) Whenever i leave my pc ill turn off my mouse and hide it :stuck_out_tongue: if they did anything bad to anyones stuff when i leave my pc to do something im sorry :c (also i only left my pc about 3 times on terraria so i think they did nothing) also my cuzin has my pass but he doesnt know my username (Also his pc has a virus…)

Fish, since you’re on the server, I’m assuming that your request was accepted and you probably don’t need to do anything more. (Except thank Pun before the thread is locked.)

Will you keep your account safer from now?