Bank ability

No penalty
r7 at bewitched (i think its easy enough)

So all money you given (except for transfer) is stored, but you cant use it. Everything recieved by this is multiplies by 1.1x (when obtained). At the end of round u multiply all stored money by 1.2x. You can get all money to your pocket by simply dying

And u lose nothing on your death (at all)

What’s the point of storing it out of reach if all you have to do to access it is die?
This ability feels a bit bland. It just increases the points you get and does nothing else; there’s little strategy (just buy a farming weapon and farm like you normally would) and there are essentially no drawbacks for massively increased point gain. We already have the Bank sentry, where strategy is actually required because you want to set up sentries to farm enemies without those sentries being shot, overwhelmed, flown into, and you have to decide whether to deposit in the bank or lessen the risks (and the monetary gain) by upgrading sentries. The Bank Sentry is actually interesting because you can’t revive it once it dies and it costs money to set another up. I don’t see a point.


Durtle said - no complicated abils. So

and u cant deposit back to your “bank” too so when you die - well… use it now

i guess you want buff. Ok, fine, lets wait for others’ opinion


And when did Durtle say that?
Plus, even if that was said, you’re taking it too far imo; this is just a really plain ability with zero drawbacks that straight-up increases point gain; the extreme similarities to the Bank Sentry don’t really help it either.

Never said I wanted a buff:

It just needs to be more interesting, be separated from the Bank Sentry, have actual drawbacks so that it’s legitimately a choice whether or not to use it. This is straight-up better than None on every map, with every class. There is no point in not choosing it because it increases point gain whether or not you save up and rely on interest. And you don’t have to interact with it whatsoever; it’s entirely passive, so you just… chill, and play normally, and you’ll end up stronger than you would without.

Here are my major problems with the ability:
-You can do literally nothing with it and it’s still better than having no ability.
-You don’t have to strategise around it or interact with it or choose when to activate it.
-No drawbacks to using it.
-Basically just turns you into a stronger Bank Sentry without any of the planning involved with said Sentry (or deposits, but still).
-More oversight than anything, but currently you’d be able to farm infinite points by having someone else die, reviving them for point gain, dying yourself, getting revived and transferring your points to the other person.

Here are a few ideas to fix those problems:
-What about an activated portion? What if instead of just passively bolstering your point gain, you had some sort of stock manipulation activated ability which would increase the point gain of your stores for a short period of time?
-Alternative activated ability: killing enemies gives small point bonuses for the duration, like the r6 flying mobs (but probably without the little notification), incentivising controlled farming, then ability activation, then killing all the weakened mobs in one fell swoop; upgrades could increase point bonus and/or lengthen ability duration.
-Further notes on abilities: What if their effects were increased based on stored points?
-Possible drawback: since you’ll have an easier time getting rich, how about a big price uptick for item costs like 50%? Basically, if you don’t save right the ability can and will be detrimental.
-Oversight fix: Points gained from revival are not stored.


i simplified

he said that that complicated abilities are hard and long to implement and he would rather not add them

isnt that asking for buff?

on maps where u need to upgrade weapons quickly, u rather pick another abil. For some farms it doesnt go well, for example snow ruins hc farm. U prob wont get revived after u fell

so u wanna price penalty? ok then

instead of

u wanna that, for example, WW given like 1.3x multiplier for 3 seconds with cooldown of 10? May be interesting


No, it’s asking for a nerf. They were specifically saying it would be extremely unbalanced and overpowered without any drawbacks.

True, but if you aren’t going with an ability, what flaef is saying is that having this is literally just normal gameplay but with increased points. It’s unbalanced, basically.

My opinion on this ability is that it honestly just seems too overpowered, but if you put in a price penalty it immediately becomes nearly useless. I can’t really see there being a happy medium with this sort of ability idea, and balancing it would mean making it overly complicated.


i wish i could understand half of these things lol


As Nate said, I’m asking for a nerf there. All abilities should be balanced in such a way that using no ability is viable despite their existence; this ability in its current form would just be normal gameplay but you get more points, thus making having no ability directly inferior rather than a trade-off.

There isn’t really a map where upgrading weapons quickly is a requirement, on basically all maps you can stick with low-tier or even base-tier stuff for a surprisingly long time. And if you do need to upgrade fast, just die; you won’t lose points. You’ll still be gaining more points than normal, even if you don’t wait for interest. What I’m saying is that there really isn’t a bad situation to use this ability in—and that isn’t great.

Not quite. If it’s an activated ability with massive possible gains, a large price penalty basically won’t matter with skilled enough gameplay. As a purely passive ability, yes, adding a price penalty would basically just turn it into having no ability.
But if you were able to time it and take advantage of it in crucial moments, it could potentially be a fairly interesting and possibly easy to implement ability.


ohhh, so we’re considering making it activated?
oh activated could definitely work, like 1.5x gains for x+3 seconds?
Maybe make berds farmable during this period…? This poses a potential risk, because using this could mean less income if you insta-kill berds, but it could produce insane point outputs if you manage to corner and farm them.

I would say this is a good activated ability. It would be heavily skill reliant and would definitely not suit a few non-farmable maps, but it would be incredible if you could time certain things properly. If Nether agrees to these ideas, I’ll vote for it.