no, I was not warned
I would not consider it fair, my friend was on at the time
I think you should unban me because I have been helping others with problems, making houses for crew members/staff. I have been trying my best to be on the good side of others ever since I joined. I had no idea that I had done it, and will probably never do it to anyone.

Most avoiding, predictable, lame and generic excuse ever. How exactly do you expect us to believe you with that excuse?

Im sorry but i cant give any more evidence than that, i was out eating at Skyline Chili’s

Yeah sure. Or you’re lying and avoiding what you actually did in attempt to make yourself look better and like you’re innocent and none of this was your fault. You know, that excuse is like “the dog ate my homework”. If you gave that excuse to a teacher, would you expect them to believe you?

No, i wouldn’t, I’m sorry that I destroyed his/her house, even tho I had no idea

I’d like to end my point in saying that when we refer to “you” we refer to the account we see in-front of us. We don’t care if you brother, your sister, your friend or you parents did something using the account, it is all under “you” and therefore it is always “your” fault. You must apologise, you must take the responsibility, you must earn your way back into the server. If you feel this is unfair, well then stop giving your account to other people.

Griefing is the most serious of matters in the list of rules. You see, people who grief always (with very few exceptions) lie about it, expect us to believe it, make up some excuse about how they are oblivious to the grief, someone else did it and they were not there at the time like we are stupid. The best thing about it is they put little effort into actually trying to persuade us that such is the case.

Furthermore, if I was to try to unban with as much effort as you put into putting forward a point (whether or not its valid) and actually detailing the problem, then I’m sorry, but you won’t ever be unbanned. Look at any other grief ban appeal, they all have very similar reasoning and very little effort into them. Infact, you’ll notice this post has more effort into it than any ban appeal in existence here. Maybe if the people took this seriously and like me, actually tried, they might just never be in this situation.

I would just like to remind you that I didn’t ban you, so I by default must leave the decision to Unarmedbox, however, your responses, your application and my details will save him time in his decision.

let me paste the conversation on steam to prove that i was gone…
3lectricMurder: i g2g
XxHydroyxX: bye
XxHydroyxX: bye
XxHydroyxX: hello
3lectricMurder: hey
3lectricMurder: i just had dinner
3lectricMurder: i just got banned
3lectricMurder: ???
XxHydroyxX: why
3lectricMurder: i guess i destroyed his house
XxHydroyxX: oh
3lectricMurder: i let my friend play
3lectricMurder: i guess he might have done it
XxHydroyxX: so you can’t play on the server anymore?
3lectricMurder: nope
3lectricMurder: maybe u can tell cry that?
XxHydroyxX: wait let me tell lilian
3lectricMurder: k
3lectricMurder: brb
XxHydroyxX: ok
XxHydroyxX: you should try getting bann apeal
XxHydroyxX: so you get unbammed
3lectricMurder: i forget my ban number
XxHydroyxX: oh
3lectricMurder: terraria crashed
XxHydroyxX: ok
XxHydroyxX: try again
3lectricMurder: got it
3lectricMurder: 245
XxHydroyxX: ok
XxHydroyxX: try it
XxHydroyxX: if you loguin it will show
XxHydroyxX: you number
3lectricMurder: i see
XxHydroyxX: ok
3lectricMurder: im writing athread
3lectricMurder: a thread*
3lectricMurder: tell them i sent one in
3lectricMurder: also, its 245, not 255 (no idea why it changedd)
3lectricMurder: 555*
XxHydroyxX: ok 555 what
3lectricMurder: nvm
3lectricMurder: i wont be allowed
3lectricMurder: he doesnt beleive me
XxHydroyxX: who
3lectricMurder: popstarfreas
XxHydroyxX: oh
3lectricMurder: i meant 555, not 255
3lectricMurder: but scratch that
3lectricMurder: i changed it
3lectricMurder: im gonna find another server
3lectricMurder: u should copy this conversation when i said ‘i just had dinner’
3lectricMurder: and paste this in the server chat
XxHydroyxX: don’t know how
XxHydroyxX: i am kinda busy
XxHydroyxX: maybe towmmorow
3lectricMurder: just select all of it, hit ctrl+c, go into server chat, and hit ctrl+v
XxHydroyxX: i am kinda busy can we it towmmorow
3lectricMurder: k
XxHydroyxX: bye
3lectricMurder: ill do it
3lectricMurder: later
XxHydroyxX: ok
XxHydroyxX: bye

Um, if you really devised a plan to grief, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t tell anyone about it. Unless you and your friend can call me on skype and explain what happened, I will not ever believe you. I mean, I’d rather you write out the story and then another paragraph as to why you should be unbanned and how you will make sure this will never happen again; alas, its that 100% chance of never happening that makes me wonder if there is any innocents amongst the griefers.

okay, i wont even try as I am now, i guess ill find another server, also, you can talk to XxHydroyxX about it, he told me to

You see. You must be guilty, if you actually

[quote=3lectricMurder]I have been trying my best to be on the good side of others ever since I joined[/quote] meant that, then you would have done as I said and just explained to me how this happened. Instead you remain lazy and deciding leaving is good. You know what that says? It says guilty all over. You’re not even trying to prove your innocence here.

i have been trying, but u deny everything, and i did apologize

Do a word count on my posts and then your posts. It seems I’ve tried harder to reason with you and make you understand the staffs side of this than you have back. You see, you are amongst a field of liars. You’re job is to prove you’re not a liar or just to say sorry and write a paragraph about it and why we should unban you. Even if you did lie and you did grief, we don’t care, we just care that you say sorry, and that you never do it again.

Im sorry, and I will never do it again (pretty much already said it)

Have you seriously learnt nothing from my posts? I could write than in 5 seconds. You need a post that speaks for itself. You need detail, you need intelligence, you need innovation and craft. You need dedication. I want to see something that looks like you put effort into it. You see, I made this website from scratch, if it was all text and no design would it look like I put a lot of effort into it? No. So do yourself a favour and put some time into your typing to craft something that I can truly believe in. You can walk away from this if you like, but if you want to get somewhere both in life and in your short time staying here, you need to show it.

(from the true griefer [sent from Docs])
I’m sorry for what I’ve done. I had no idea that it would result in a ban and I see what the owner of this account is having to go through. He put me on the server, and told me to try it out. He went out to eat and I was moved to this little city thing and I started to dig around. I saw this house and being me, decided to break it. I had to go home For lunch and about 15 minutes later He called me saying he was banned for griefing and I felt angry at myself. He sent me screenshots of this conversation so I can see what’s happening. I’m Sorry for your time wasted and sorry for the person that lost their home.

he just sent me that

I’m gonna need you to forward me the email or take screenshots with the time and date available from that message.