ban page

ok, on the website I see too Meany bans so I came up with a suggestion. there should be a button (like home, forum and so-on) and when you click that it takes you to a different page where only bans come up, so there whould be no bans on the front page. I hope you like the suggestion :slight_smile:

~ fuzzypanda

There are no bans on the front page; Do you mean reports?

Hmm I see where you’re going with this fuz as it does allow for more posts to be shown on the main page that doesnt have to do with bans/ban appeals. Moving this to another tab like Home Forum Reports/Ban-Appeals DTP Donate

Or just blacklisting them from “Recent Posts” and “Recent Threads”

yea Alpha is spot on

Yeah, to exclude them from Recent Post/Threads. Nice idea.

Blacklisting could mean that reports and appeals be ignored. Creating a new page dedicated to it should be a better idea.

I don’t think admins would ignore reports of ban appeals… :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh, alpha there already is a page for them; it’s called the report a player section.

Yeah I know, I mean like on the top tab, I am aware it already has another page for it. But I meant like place it above. :stuck_out_tongue: