Ban appeal title used

[Q1] Provide the Ban link or if none, the reason
Link: Ban

[Q2] Did you break the rules knowingly?
You could say that

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.
It was i was acting rude to other people who played the server.

[Q4] Why should we unban you?
I’m realy sorry for my behaviour iwas under the influence while doing that and i’m really sorry for what i’ve done. I will not do it again. I am asking for one more chance.


Well, did you or did you not? You were very condescending towards other users not doing things that you wanted in the one lobby I observed you in, and then looking back through your chat logs, it wasn’t a fluke and you were doing that in I’m assuming multiple lobbies over a 3 hour play session. Looking back, I could easily say you did given everything you’d said, but did you break the rules knowingly? Or were you just insulting others to the extent you were because you didn’t know there could be consequences?

Under what influence?


Well you’re assuming wrong. And yes as I was saying you could say that i was aware that a punishment might be applied for that behaviour yet I wasnt aware that it would be a ban, as it was not hate speech nor hard insults thrown around. But in the end im ashamed of what i did and i would like to applogise for that behaviour. I will not do this again in the future.

Under what influence?

I’m legally not allowed to say that


Well, what do you define as hate speech and hard insults? You seemed quite comfortable tossing the R word around plenty in addition to calling players stupid Americans on a few occasions. Everyone’s views on what does and doesn’t constitute as hate speech and hard insults will vary, no doubt, but in the case of this server, what you’d said steps decently far over the line set for what would be reasonably tolerated for “insults,” despite the fact that it’d be ideal for there not to be shade thrown at all. That kind of language especially goes against the rules of the server just because of how harsh it is, which is why your ban came about as swiftly as it did.

Well, what do you define as hate speech and hard insults

I can’t give you examples as that would break forum rules :slight_smile:. Also I would like to point out that i never insulted somone specificly (If i did please gimme a screenshot), but rather thrown it into eather.


I suppose that’s a good point to consider.

I never said you did because insulting groups of players is equally worse. Though, if you wanted to bring up the topic of insulting specific players, I guess I’ll bring up the one definite example I have where I suggested you play Shaman yourself since you were complaining about it so much. Your response:

Checking back through logs yielded a couple more results that, given their plurality (or rather, lack thereof), can provide some other potential times where you were insulting someone specifically.

Logs screenshots (note in each image: timestamps go from bottom to top chronologically). Spoiler tagged because of strong language

Again, even if these specific instances that seemed to be directed at other specific, unnamed players didn’t happen, that doesn’t excuse how you still had all the instances of blanket toxicity directed at most/all other players in the lobby at the times they were said.


Well the word “bitchboy” is not an insult by any means. In the end i don’t know what you’re trying to do here I’m not here to discuss the situation or argue who’s right or wrong im here to applogise for what i did and appeal the ban.


Also if you want to experience what real insults are you can try asking your friends who used to play mw2 multiplayer lobbies. Those were good times. Sadly they are never going to come back that’s why even tho i didn’t use that offensive language I would like to once again appologise for it. And promise that i will not do it again.


Then what does it mean? It clearly contains a swear word and you were using it while talking down to another player.

I suppose I can see that. I’m not trying to argue too much either, but instead ask questions to gain a better understanding of who you are in the context of your ban and to determine whether or not you can be trusted to follow the rules, should you be unbanned. Given your explanations for a few of the questions I’d given so far, I honestly find it hard to trust that you wouldn’t repeat the behavior that got you banned the first time. Since some parts of the explanations conflict with the rules of the server, I’m probing further with more questions, which I could definitely see coming across as me arguing. I apologize for that.

We are not talking about “real” insults here because that will easily vary from player to player in terms of definition, I already said that. To me, this just sounds like you’re downplaying your own actions to make it sound as if you’re less in the wrong for using the language you did because it’s not as bad as the colorful toxicity seen in another game community entirely.

The things that made it hard for me to consider an appeal like this mainly comes about from how loose your definition of insults/toxicity is compared to the rules set on the Terraria server, which you couldn’t follow. Your given explanations do not work with the rules set out for the server, as they come across as “I didn’t think that a ban would be warranted” and “I don’t think this thing said is an insult.” As a result, this appeal is denied.