Ban Appeal: beetleeye1602

[Q1] Provide the Ban link or if none, the reason

[Q2] Did you break the rules knowingly?
Yes, I did

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.
Yes, It was

[Q4] Why should we unban you?
I do understand that I earned this myself and the repercussions of it. I was just trying to get a rise out of Solar because I was bored.
I’ve been a playing on DG for a while now, and it would suck if I could never play again. I will never do anything like this again.
Sincerely, dsaf.


You’re saying you understand what you did was in the wrong, I find myself on the opposite end of the rope.
You decided it was a good idea to abuse exploits, use illegal buffs and banned items as a joke? Breaking rules for a ruse is not an excuse and shouldn’t be used as one.

Let me go over some of the things that went down in the event you got banned.
You were called out when you were abusing exploits, to which you responded: image

Soon later you were using Arkhalis’s Lightwings, knowing full-well that they are banned, I told you that those aren’t allowed: image

More images of you breaking the rules (This was not screenshotted, but you had also used nebula buffs):

The evidence against this appeal makes it very unbelievable, along with your supposed “sarcastic” joke about wanting to do the same thing that got you banned in the first place makes me believe you’ll likely do this again in the near future.

Thus leading to the concluding thought, are you going to get unbanned in this appeal…?
The answer is: No, Appeal Denied.