Badges for Solution Count

Add badges on the Dark Gaming forums based on solution count. These are the exact same badges as in Discourse Meta. Badges are Located in Community.
1 solution: Solved! (Solved! badge on Discourse Meta)
10 solutions: Gudiance Counsellor (Guidance Counsellor badge on Discourse Meta)
50 solutons: Know-it-All (Know-it-All badge on Discourse Meta)
150 solutions: Solution Institution (Solution Institution badge on Discourse Meta)

Will those with solutions get retroactively the badges if that gets implemented?


I think any user that gets one solution will get the badge (e.g. Profile - XCS - Discourse Meta or Profile - raghukamath - Discourse Meta)


Also, I think the badges might come in once they get implemented, but I am not sure.
Ok, I found out I don’t have the solution badge on meta even though I have one solution on there.


It says that I have one solution, enough for the badge, but I don’t have the badge for some reason, maybe because the badge is new to meta, and I used it before the badges were implemented.

These are my badges. I don’t have the Solved! Badge, but this is likely due to the fact that I have not logged in recently.


Necroposting this but I realized that the way to add these badges onto the forum are unclear. You just need to follow instructions on this site: Discourse Solved - plugin - Discourse Meta
The forum already has the “Discourse Solved” plugin, but the solution badges are disabled.
Anyways should we add these four badges onto the forum? :white_check_mark:

Also, to get the badge, you need to have a solution on a topic that is not yours, like Adding Cookie Consent Banner - #3 by twofoursixeight - support - Discourse Meta