Awsom Lightning hacking

people told me he was hackin so I went to pvp and he had 0/1000 hp and everybody saw it too

This is not hacking.
That is lag. When someone doesn’t die because he/she has 0 HP it’s because of lag.

  1. The report is not in proper format.
  2. The evidence doesn’t show us anything
  3. It could be lag

Razor says it how it is.

Okay, I’m just sayin’ what everybody saw

You know, it’s weird, I’ve seen a few people not dying and having 0/1000hp, but they were moving freely, they had a bit of lag on their movement, but still, they were moving! I don’t think that this is lag…
Also, respect the format if you want to report, also that picture doesn’t show us anything and to report players that are hacking, you record videos and post them here.