Automatically move player to a set spawnpoint after joining

I often build bases with a good distance from spawn. It offers a lot of advantages, like being not as affected by events and bosses, or spawns from bait and mushroom farms set up there. However, it’s quite a big annoyance when I set my spawn there but then rejoin later on. My spawnpoint is at regular spawn now and isn’t at my base anymore. When I do reach my base, sometimes the spawnpoint comes back and I can just teleport there, but other times it really is just at spawn; this feels unpredictable when it happens.

It’s a much worse situation when you set up a temporary bed, like during a mining trip or near a farm. Let’s say that you’re making a hidden farm for you to get lots of souls for mimic farming. You set up camp there so you respawn there when you die, but then you get disconnected. It’s a bit hard having to remember and then look for the exact spot you were building it, instead of just spawning at the camp like it normally is supposed to.

It’d be nice if the server saved your spawnpoint, and then when you join the server again it checks if there’s a bed there; and when there is it teleports you there when you spawn.

Are you using a bed? Because if so then that’s what’s happening. The Terraria client doesn’t tell the server if they’ve set a bed as your spawn. TShock gets around this by waiting for you to spawn, and if you’re trying to spawn somewhere except (-1, -1)[world spawn], then you’ve set a bed as your spawn.

The easiest workaround is to spam magic mirror/recall a few times after setting/unsetting a bed as your spawn


Are you saying that the client doesn’t tell the server where and when you set your spawn?

If so, then that is unfortunate.


Yes. that’s basically it


To the server it looks like this:
You place a bed, you go away and do some mining, then you arbitrarily decide you want to respawn at that bed instead of world spawn. if you remove your spawnpoint, it’s a similar situation, you arbitrarily decide you just want to spawn at world spawn