Auto Restart or Vote Restart in Survival?

After a while the server starts to lag, and this is noticeable in many ways; e.g. WoF being 2x faster than normal or time occasionally lagging back a minute. Restarting the server usually fixes the issue.

Maybe there could be an automatic server restart function during inactive hours (which is around 6-8 AM UTC, or 2-4 PM Manila time for me.) or a vote command for a manual restart for emergencies.

Additionally, after a bit of thinking, maybe the automatic restart should also be delayed when a boss is being fought, and would warn players 10 minutes in advance that it is going to happen.

Ah yes, the incredibly lenthened days and nights, time rewinding, excruciating lag, bosses snapping forwards and backwards (two words: Duke Crackron), WoF snapping forwards incredibly fast, and Bloody Tears/ Solar Tablets being wasted when used due to time rewinding the night back into daytime. There’s probably even more i forgot to mention. Anyways, if ever this ever gets implemented, i think it would be fair that the number of votes needed for a restart should be equal to or more than half of the currently online players


Imagine if Survival restart when a Nymph die on lava and i don’t even have the chance to pick it up, or imagine if i’m killing a biome mimic then when is at 6% of life the server restarts, or imagine a RoD drop and then, restart, or an common example: mining then restart.

You get it.


That’s why I said “during inactive hours” but I do get your point.


As Invisi already mentioned, a warning before restart should suffice, split in 5 messages that go from 30 → 15 → 5 → 2 → 1 minutes left until restart. If someone decides to perform some strenuous task after seeing a bright warning message and then get upset about losing something, that will be completely on them.

Edit: I am blind and did not pay attention that this thread is 2 months old. Though if this hasn’t already been implemented yet, I think a revision would be cool.


can still see that message, and I do agree with it.

Do un-delete that, it adds to the original topic :sweat_smile:


I could see an auto-restart accompanying a completed world-regen as a viable option.

I never bothered confirming whether or not bosses crossed over from regen to regen, but nobody seems to decide to do that anyways, which would probably be the biggest concern.

On another note, world-regen(afaik) already informs you beforehand, can be checked via /worldregen time, and pretty much stops you from performing any imminent task at hand already. It’d also solve the issue of me needing to force a regen after a restart, since that resets the timer for regen.