Attention all Helpers.

Applying and being granted this rank is to be on to help and answer questions for all people on the server for that is your job and why you applied for it.

I am often online with helpers doing their own thing as people ask questions and I am the one answering and helping them on their way. I feel that most helpers get the rank might help someone out for a day or so then just go and build or ignore everyone but their own things. Its getting kind of ridiculous that as that is the job of your rank Moderators, Admins, and Super-Admins are having to do your job for you.

Either we will have to appoint someone to watch whether you are actually doing what is expected to keep your rank or just demote all of you and start over…

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I kind of notice this to… but only some of them do this. But it is fine with me to go and help the members and guests out. Also some of the crew to!

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