Armor Manipulation in PvP

The ability to manipulate armor on some level has been proven true in the past, as Johuan has made sets like orichalcum and nebula armor function on a viable level.
This thread aims to take the idea of manipulating different armors and their set bonuses and give it proper numbers and ideas. This may or may not be possible, and is up to @popstarfreas to let us know what is and isn’t possible in a reasonable timeframe. For the time being, this thread will just be an ideas thread, and will be edited later on as the topic is explained more to me, and more ideas are thrown around.



  • Orichalcum set bonus functions as it should, it mirrors the damage of whatever triggers it. This is completely fine.
  • Breastplate should give an additional 10 defense (13 → 23)
  • Total defense from 42 to 52, 26 less than Solar
    • I do NOT want to buff Orichalcums armor considerably, as Orichalcum Armor is a considerable increase in dps on almost all kits, rather I just want to make Orichalcum less of a risk to play.


  • Again, Titanium set bonus functions as it should. It mirrors the damage of whatever triggers it. This is completely fine.
  • Breastplate should give an additional 10 defense (15 → 25)
  • Leggings should give an additional 10 defense (11 → 21.
  • Total from 49 to 69, 9 less than Solar
    • Solely to allow Titanium as a viable mid defense option. Keep in mind that Titanium breastplate and leggings give damage, not class specific damage like Solar Armor.


  • Hallowed Greaves should give an additional 12 defense (11 → 23)
    • This is entirely to increase the viability of hybrid kits, as Hallowed Greaves give a solid 7% damage, more than any other classes leggings.
  • Hallowed Plate Mail should give an additional 10 defense (15 → 25)
  • Total defense from 50 to 72, 6 less than Solar
    • This is to push Hallowed Armor up in viability significantly, to be a viable option alongside Solar Armor, giving a dodge on a 30 second timer, and damage to all weapons, instead of damage reduction, increased dash length, and more melee damage


  • Beetle Shell Set Bonus should give 20% / 40% / 60% damage reduction instead of 15% / 30% / 45%
  • Beetle Scale Mail Set Bonus should work as intended.

Solar Flare

  • Limit Set Bonus Shield from stacking past one stack
  • Bonus Regen should be entirely removed
    • If this is possible, this would add Palladium as an armor worth writing down on this list.

Nebula Armor

  • Nebula Armor Set Bonus should trigger upon hitting a user, and should give one of the buffs at random directly to the user (fully at random, not favoring buffs the player does not have). Everything else about this should remain reflect from the base game.