Are multipule accounts owned by different people allowed?

For example:
Say Person A and B live in the same household. Both Person A and B have accounts on DG.
Person B is gone for a bit, and Person A needs something from Person B’s account. Would Person A and B’s accounts be removed/banned, or would it be allowed?
Also, let’s say Person B is no longer using the account, and Person A uses Person B’s account to get stuff from there (like stuff from DTP), would this be allowed?
Also, if Person A and B share the same email, would one of them be deleted?


Honestly this is a very good question.

How exactly would something like this be handed?


This scenario honestly sounds way too convenient. Anyone could just claim they have a sibling, and proceed to exploit the system. The best way this could be handled is at the time of account registration, to just let staff know there are multiple people playing/registering under a common ip. This sounds most logical, and seems realistic. Otherwise, it appears EXTREMELY suspicious to me.

A more common scenario is if Person B registered six months later. I would question why this person suddenly became incentivized to join the server. Usually people living together communicate, so for this second person to appear out of nowhere seems odd. Additionally, a dead giveaway is when Person B starts funneling DP/Credits/items to Person A, without getting anything in return. If Person B’s account seems like a throwaway account (an account without attachment to their DP/Credits/items), then it most likely is. Person A will almost always give themselves away, solely due to their greed. I won’t say any names, but someone I used to grind in PvE with, within a week was catching up in level to me. They suddenly had 1000% XP Efficiency, were sustaining the DP drain caused by having high Efficiency with plenty of DP, and there were transactions logged from a second account funneling DP and Credits to their main. There’s usually a trail or breadcrumbs that these player leave behind leading them to be caught.

Depends on both accounts registration date, transaction history, etc. Players caught abusing the DTP system usually get their main account removed, and get ip banned. An ip ban would prevent anyone under this ip from accessing the server, there is no way around this.

If this happens only once, it would seem possible and realistic. Again, transaction history gives players away.


The short answer is yes, multiple accounts owned by separate people under the same ip are allowed, but they would need to let staff know pretty early on or risk account deletion.


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