Are HP Potions useful in PvP? (Discussion)

So I had a thought earlier today where this question came to me, and it wasn’t a question I was expecting to think about for so long.

I know that the title may sound like a dumb question, but when I say “useful” I mean “gives an advantage when used properly.” Think about it, do HP potions give you an edge over your opponent?

The biggest point that came to mind for me in favor of potions not being useful was that both players can use potions at least once per battle around the same time, and that there’s no strategy behind using them (besides charm swapping) unlike in other PvP games that involve health potions.

I want to start a discussion thread with the question and the first counterpoint I came up with. I’m wondering how the question will be answered.


clickbait title


charm swapping doesnt work on mobile fsr, but heals can give you an edge when used at just the right time


The opponent can also use them at the right time, so you don’t get an advantage
I’ll just say that my question assumes that both players know when to use potions (aside from charmswap)


It does, you just have to swap from your inventory (double tap). You can also swap from the vanity to equip slots by just dragging it over, but you risk dropping the item if that’s the case due to mobile’s UI.


heh… i tried that, and it didnt reduce my cooldown at all


you probably did it wrong, it works for me and I’m on mobile. Do you already have a Charm of Myths in your vanity? If so, you can’t have two of the same items equipped (even in vanity), so it wouldn’t work.


In the sense of giving yourself an advantage over your opponent, yes, they are but it’s not exactly useful in the practical sense because it’s playstyle and matchup dependant.
Something I’ve gotten into a bad habit of doing is, rather than using my potion as soon as I’m below 400 hp for the first time, I’ll actually hold onto my potion for as long as possible.

There’s a few reasons for this, but the biggest one by a landslide is that when your opponent sees that you are low on health, they are more likely to play aggressive and rush you down super hard to try and kill you as fast as possible, even if it means tanking through some damage to get it done, it’s irrelevant if it means you get a kill over them in a duel right?
That’s the whole idea is praying on that mindset, if you think I’m at 200 hp so you rush me down, but I’m actually at 350 hp, if you’re at 400 hp suddenly this isn’t a free kill and one singular missed weapon swing will decide if I kill you or not so you’d best be aiming well.

Against some people this is literally just suicide, they will never play reckless or aggressive enough to where you can more easily predict what they’re doing ahead of time to use more powerful gear like bubble gun and hatchet. People like Crane and Legolas while they have the ability to be aggressive, at least when fighting me, they’re more likely to try and edge out smaller health leads through mid range and long range poking, and in these scenarios, I’m 100x better off healing as soon as realistic to get my potion cooldown going to help keep my health deficit as small as possible.
When I’m fighting someone like Beetle, this may not be the case as Beetle is notorious for rushing you down at close range and killing you immediately. If you can make Beetle go in a bit earlier than would be a 100% comfortable kill from him, you can potentially get a LOT of damage onto him with something like bubble gun… or that would be the case, but his ping displacement often makes this kind of strategy nearly impossible.

Similarly, if you can keep aggression on your opponent they’ll more than likely be forced to either
A. Use a potion without charm swapping
B. Use a potion with charm swapping but potentially sacrifice 2 or 3 hammers worth of damage in a trade
Either of these scenarios sees you coming ahead with a health lead be it directly or indirectly through forcing their potion.
Charm Swapping is key, if you can charm swap with minimal downtime then you will be 10x more likely to garner a health advantage in any prolonged fight.


You definitely brought up all of the points I was thinking about related to the strategy behind using HP potions, with it being dependent on you and your opponent’s playstyle.
Aggression definitely plays a part in the strategy behind using HP potions, which again, you already brought up.
I think it would be safe for me to say that the usefulness of HP potions are based on the strategy involved, which revolves around playstyle. I’m retracting the initial statement that I mentioned in the first post, which was that there’s almost no strategy behind using HP potions besides charm swapping.


i use my heals ASAP, as im mobile and i cannot reach my heals without pausing movement in combat, though i agree, people rush you more when ur at low health, and i try to use heals when im on the brink of death if possible