Aradhyo's ban appeal

[Q1] Provide the Ban link or if none, the reason
Link: Ban

[Q2] Did you break the rules knowingly?
No I didn’t know the rules

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.
It was fair but the thing is that i never swear first at anyone people swear at me or make me angry and then I swear at them even if i swear after they made me angry I want to say sorry for my rude behaviour

[Q4] Why should we unban you?
I want to be unbanned because I will give my best to not get angry and not swear to make this server a better place and I also enjoy playing survival and PvP so can I please get unbanned. Peace :v::v:

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I really just wanted to go over with you the behavior I’ve observed since you joined survival on November 9th.

Chat messages in violation of S1#5, Profanity and Related:

Aradhyo 1

Aradhyo 3
Aradhyo 4
Aradhyo 5
Aradhyo 6
Aradhyo 7
Aradhyo 8
Aradhyo 9
Aradhyo 10
Aradhyo 11
Aradhyo 12
Aradhyo 13

That is a lot of swearing in a relatively short time frame. This is not even all of the evidence I have collected. I get that people can make you angry, but this is not an excuse to break rules.

The rules state:

Occasional swearing is fine, but this was a little more than I am willing to allow. I banned you mostly for the sheer amount of swearing, though the swearing at others is not acceptable either. Do you understand why this ban is in fact fair?


Big Russ Andeau was calling me a Niger so that’s why I swear at him and most of the time I didn’t swear at others I said things like (fuck my life) (fuck this shit) etc I was not swearing at others goddamit

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And Joe called me a mother fucker that’s why I cursed at him unless they don’t make me angry I don’t swear at them i say things like fuck and fuck this shit when I keep dying and become stressed from grinding so try to understand goddamit

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Even if the ban was fair how can I stop swearing if the whole goddam server is toxic I had my house and farms greifed for like 19 times I just want u to understand big russ

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I will stop swearing if this server is not toxic and will try my best to control my anger and not swear so can u pls unban me I only play in this becuz there is currently no survival mode going on in penguin server either and the survival of this server is better but people are toxic so can I pls be unbanned.
melee user-Aradhyo

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@Big.Russ pls reply

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@Big.Russ can I pls be unbanned

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@Big.Russ pls unban me and reply

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Andreau was banned:

Joe193 was also banned:

You need to exhibit some level of self control. If you yourself are unsure of how to correct this swearing issue, how can I even proceed with this appeal? I need to be confident that you will follow the rules in the future, and this statement really has me quite uncertain about that. Additionally, the toxic members of our community are in the minority. I am not sure why you are making such a bold blanket statement like this.

There will always be toxic members in our community. Us staff members try to handle them as best as we can. When you say “I will stop swearing if this server is not toxic”, it implies that you are willing to break the rules again if things do not go your way. This statement tells me you are still not fully in control of your emotions, and may act poorly again as a result. I want you to take a one week break, really think things over, and make another appeal when you are in a better frame of mind. Please do not do anything rash during this time. This current appeal is denied.

Reminder: I am giving you the chance to appeal in one week, a final decision will be made then. Please do not do anything during this time that would force me to permanently deny your ability to appeal.