Another Introduction

Hello, players in DG. I’m Flamelit, or some of you know as PurpleSapphire. I like Terraria and i am here because of the fun i’m having on the server. The balanced gamemodes and the great community is amazing, and i’m enjoying it very much. And after this, hopefully i’ll Really
be a part of this server.



Welcome, Flame!
I’m Uni, a helper here on DG.
If you need any help, just ask!
But one con - my old computer broke and this new computer doesn’t have the speed to run games.
You will only find me on Discord and Phase.

Welcome to DG Flamelit, I hope I’ll be seeing you more frequently in the future, and in case you need any help with anything, feel free to ask us !

Welcome to the server!
Be sure you get lots of calcium rich milk!

You have my greetings, Flamelit, have fun on Dark gaming and if you need more information about the server, ask someone in chat, if there’s no one, do research on the forums.

Flamelit, we all hope you enjoy your stay here :smiley: