Always lose progress and sometimes world glitched

Hi I’m a DG terraria player in survival most of the time
People’s are kind and helpful. Even created friendships
The problem is we always lose progress every friday just imagining someone created zenith then lose it in few seconds
The world change the seed of course but this Friday there is a big problem in this seed
1-when you warp to jungle it tp you to underground snow
2-when you tp to ocean you fall from the sky until you reach weather that takes long
3-every enemy fly to catch you like zombies that some times when you are preparing to leave the spawn jump thought the wall and enters the spawn
4- in Martian invasion when the Martian saucer reach 30000 hp remain he became invisible but the laser shouter still visible and he can’t take damage anymore
5- op enemies that with 1 hit kill you

I hate the progress losing because this week I created full Solar armors, Solar tools and even zenith… Then I see them all desapairing
That almost make me cry
So at leat I want not to lose the progress every week

It is what it is :laughing:


What do you mean


The Friday resets are intentional, and I don’t think they’ll change very much

you can always ping survival managers on the discord to help with the warps, since they can set warp locations and such


Im not about the changes I’m about the glitches that happen this time


That’s… Normal stuff.


Pls I’m new in the server and I’m not habituated to the rules