Alternative reality with evil staff (Hope that the day never comes) (Subconsious appeal to be thankful)

My fantasy is very strange and I decided to write, how in an alternative reality staff would be evil:
Firstly I want to say that I don’t want to annoy or insult any of the moderation members. I had a strange fantasy and thought about it and always avoid profane words and inappropriate text.

If you think, this is too inappropriate, let me know and I will delete that post.

Let’s start with popstarfreas (Rofle), DG’s owner. In the alternative reality popstarfreas would make the server experience as uncomfortable as possible. Like making the DTP so hard that you cannot earn DP or putting random traps or boss summons. The permission system with crew would be a chaos, i.e. your crew perks would be randomized based on the hashcode of your name. But the ad for the server would be like “Join the heaven of Terraria etc. p.p.”.

In that alternative reality Blanc (Mr Sandwich), our pvp manager would randomly nerf/buff weapons, making the modified pvp unbalanced and nerfing favorite weapons of those with a D - G in PVP (L is worst) down to 1. Also the armor would have no benefits and sets would be blocked.

Lord Avery would be in Survival and PVP a mage and like mage so much. They’d try to program with Blanc that only they can use last prism in pvp. Every ranged or melee character would be talked badly on and be eventually banned.

The survival manager Madeira would make the survival resets randomly. They throw their magical dodecahedron and whatever number is up, that is the number of days after which survival will reset. Of course no one knows, when the reset is. Sometimes /i is allowed in survival. The anticheat would make crafting 100% impossible and nothing could be used.

Our PVE manager Legolas#1 (Legolas, FelpsBlast) would buff pve bosses to past calamity and set cooldowns to 10 minutes if not to 6 hours or more. Those trying to pve normally will be eaten by the bosses and godmodeusers are shouted at, but only sometimes.

The zombies manager Neverbeen (Tejdxa, Durtle) would wait 3-6 months after a map is submitted until motion and would only take broken maps. Also no help with /save would be provided. Also they’d enter from time to time PVE and survival to enter /clear mobs when a boss had just 1 HP to block progression.

Invisi would hire their sister to randomly ban people for ban reasons like “ewizfg8uewrofbuoeqrf” and “qiiezrghqeruvbu9ervb9uerv”. Then they’d blame their sister and nothing would happen. Also if they see in T-inv an item they want to trade, and they make an offer denying a trade would get you banned in the alternate reality even if that is zenith for dirt.

SolarDeity, the items manager would always give wrong tips how and where to find items in the items room. Also only mods can do /i in items. The chests would be messy arranged and everyone would need hours to find a needed weapon.

The pvp superstar harmfulcrane would be super toxic to newbies and not giving any advice. In their dragon form they’d eat foreign user’s DP for PVP.

-Eerie- (Eerie, Argentum) and Tru3thful would be a pair of dismotivating approval givers and say in reviews not so motivating things. Also they’d laugh at random persons. Because of that no map would ever going through. Also in the alternative reality they would ban people for the nights if they think the player needs sleep.

The staff member yems (Injectious Potato) singing in the backstage will be on Phase 22/7 and ban random people and then would not reply to ban appeals. They would also take away from the other staff members appeals and not respond.

Marcus101RR would become a ghost lurkering in forums. They’d confuse people into spamming the forum with random letters.

Conclusion: You are a very good moderator team who always help people and it’s always fun to talk to you. We all should be thankful that we have a nice moderation and hope that the day when every mod becomes evil never comes.


The dumpster fire that takes below is a joke and not to be taken seriaosly (999)

evil rofle be like - pipistarexpensivas

evil planc be like - alows zenth

evil madiera be like - happyiera (i dont play survival so i dont have much to say)

evil legoals be like - legolas# -1

evil durtle be like - alwaysbeen

Thats good news for my map

evil invisi be like - visi

evil solar be like - lunarperson -

evil crane be like - helpful crane - harms people

does this mean that evil crane lets his pvp skill go to his head, or does this mean that evil crane is good at pvp and good crane is bad?

evil eerie be like - not eerie -

evil truthful be like - liarAKswordslinger - writes informaly like how i wrote this entire comment

evil clonlusin be like - comes at the start of the story

where are yems, avery, who looks good today, and marcus (maybe others?)


If mad was evil, he would probably do a considerable amount of trolling rather than making survival unbalanced.


don’t i normally do this on a daily basis already? i literally got demoted for it, and added a sign just to say you smell(which is true btw)


remain sober when posting on dg forums in the future pls


glasia, or madeira?


both, nothing is sober here even the appeals isn’t


wait eerie is one the thte 3 poeple who approve maps and stuff?

also what if we had this but for dg regulars 9not neccesarily the badge0 people?


madeira is evil confirmed


Imagine if the staff just turned evil tomorrow, what would you do?


I’d minimod mods if they become evil. Then report them to Rofle. Then if it doesnt get any better, then I’d report it to the creator of Terraria. It’d be strange if a mod would be more evil than a demon.


Uhh… what?


I am uncertain about what I am supposed to say to this.


you should read glacia’s bot spam history


You mean, in discord in the spam channel?


but you are a demon, are you not


But what would be the point if the staff members all became evil?


Now we make an alternate reality where dg members in general are evil


In said reality…

I think we would act exactly the same as we already do.

Actually, not exactly the same; remove all the helpful parts, then we are all evil.


but if we are evil by default, that would make our evil versions good just saying

also the only person who them becoming evil is problematic is rofle himself / popstarfreas himself/ fofle himself / pipistarfreas himself / fofstarfreas himself