Allow TP items in mobile please

In survival allow the TP items like Rod Of Discord,wormhole potion, and the queen slime hook thing for mobile players

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you realize that these are all commands present in and can be used at any time? You just need to use your account to sign in, then vote everyday and level up by filling up your XP bar and defeating bosses in PvE, players in PvP, and getting past waves on Zombies.



To use all of these, you need special items at Open diff loot boxes to obtain them. After u got them u need to equip them in “Special” slot(s). They look like this:


First one allows you to use RoD and Hook of Dissonance (hook that teleports you, drop from QS) and second one allows to use wormhole potion

They will work for all dimensions


You can also buy them from shop and trade them from other players. Wormhole if u really wanna i can give you for free, i dont need it simply because Crew perks allow you to /tp


To be fair, RoD is already pretty rare, having to get an equally rare DTP item is just an insult


I believe this suggestion is perfectly valid and DTP shouldn’t play a role in this. iirc, the DTP tp permissions predate the Survival dimension, and therefore, were made for a different environment, one where wormhole potions weren’t a crucial mode of transportation


Oh wait really I didn’t know you need to get lootboxes just to allow players use things
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