Allow Specific People to Tp With Tpallow

I’ve been thinking, and would be a great idea if there was a way to allow an specific person to tp to you, even with tpallow. Here’s an example of how would work:

My friend butter bread made a farm, and then he allow me to farm with him, but the only way to get back on the farm after dying is with tp, and we don’t want to more people tp to us, so we use this specific command format: /tpallow then /tpallow “butter bread” (to allow only him to tp to me) and then he do /tpallow then /tpallow Rafaelgamerplay (to allow only me to tp to him). This can be easily fixed with beds (but if a random come and set their spawnpoint it becomes a problem).

This isn’t 100% survival related, so i’m making on the general suggestions topic.

Is your suggestion that /tpallow be changed, or that people be allowed to specify specific people to teleport to them?

Because I’m sure that a tp request plugin would probably be better since those have already been built before.


It’s to specify specific people to teleport to them. And yeah, this tp plugin sounds good, but will this tp request plugin only be functional when people do /tpallow right? By the way, depending on the lenght of the message and on the amount of players trying to tp this can cause a spam i think.


It would replace /tp most likely. So someone would use /tp Rofle and I would have to accept the request. Maybe it could also have an option to specify people to auto-accept requests from.


I don’t know, but i would like the scheme of just allow one specific person to tp even with tpallow, but if there is no more options, this can be functional tho, because if there is a way to have an auto-accept the request (making look like the classic tp style), i think it’s ok for everyone. Some people need to instantly tp on some situations, so have to accept can kinda annoy the others.