Allow Scarab Bombs?

I have legitimatly no idea why scarab bombs aren’t allowed, there’s no info given on them. They don’t destroy blocks nearly as much as dynamite does, they’re extremely helpful and valuable, and also don’t break the game. Why not allow them?

Edit: I just remembered that some time a few weeks ago Fallen Soldier told me about some exploit regarding this that FAdada mentioned in chat before. Not sure what this exploit is and I could not find it by searching in Phase… May be good to keep this in mind.

Why are Bombs allowed, but Dynamite isn’t? I think there’s a reason for this, but nobody ever told me. It just destroys a larger region, so maybe if there’s some reason why Dynamite is banned, Scarab Bombs are banned for the same reason.


That’s pretty much the entire reason SolarKek

Dynamite explosions tend to cause immense lag, more compared to bombs


If this is referring to scarab bombs aswell, then maybe just limit it to certain people (e.g. crew) to decrease its usage, or allow people to use only one or two every few seconds?

And scarab bomb explosions aren’t even that bad compared to dynamite.


I’m unsure about scarab bombs


I did a bit of calculation… Maybe just allow people to have one or two scarab bombs thrown at a time? And limit its usage to crew only to be safe if it’s that big of a problem. Regular bombs break around 39 blocks at a time on average, and I’m pretty sure you’re able to throw a lot of those at a time so that number multiplies quick. In fact I’ve done it before, to dig passageways for water to flow towards lava so I can get obsidian.

A single scarab bomb, which you can’t throw and usually breaks around 63 blocks or less at a time, is obviously less demanding than several regular bombs, which you can throw and breaks 30-40 blocks on average per bomb (unless there’s some other factors that I have no idea how to consider such as different chunks and stuff)

Dynamite fortunately can’t be saved this way


I agree with the inclusion of Scarab Bombs, they are very efficient and precise in their block destruction that it’s helpful for making certain builds like mob farms

It’s not all too destructive compared to dynamite i feel and has purpose, so i’m bumping this thread instead of creating a separate post with the same topic if it’s okay