Allow Hay Collection in Survival/Allow Target Dummies in Survival

Since the invincibility exploit with the slimy saddle and many other exploits with target dummies have been patched by Relogic, they should be re-enabled, to check the dps of a weapon in survival and decoration.
If dummies were to be continued to be disabled, just ban the dummies and unblock hay, it is an easy early-game building material good for housing and such.

yessss i love using hay for building but also for early game housing for the blocks and walls but sadly i’ve had to use fucking cactus instead :frowning:


IIRC hay collection doesn’t work because it is spawned by the client, it’s not “blocked” it’s just not supported (in TrueSSC). And unless @Legolas is willing to implement it properly, then I don’t see it being worth the time.


Forgot to reply, but that is understandable, if it is too much of a hassle then do not add it.